October 14th, 2018

It's October, spooky! I probably won't be participating in trick-or-treating this year because I have money to buy my own candy instead of walking out in the streets with renamed cosplay getting random candy from people I only last met from the previous Halloween.

Hey, I bought stuff online!! I got a few Sam & Max comics cause yeah and Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver! Sam & Max comics arrived in a week while Pokemon almost took 3 weeks which waiting was getting sorta annoying by the end. It got almost to the point where I almost decided to write this post without them, but the games arrived a day before I just started to not write them in.

I'm soon going to get Bad Day on the Moon if I can fish out an acceptable quality on for a pretty good price. Most listings I see ask for the same amount of money as all of these 3 books combined. I hope to get it very soon, but I have my bets that I might get it on November or so... The comics you see there are in really good condition, but I am no way familiar with comic book grading so maybe they're just total trash. I don't have anything on mind for CIB games, but if I had to choose, I'll be diving for Pokemon Blue. Though Japanese CIB games right now are a pretty low priority because they're almost always cheap.

I replaced both the batteries in Gold and Silver and they both save just fine. I beat the first gym and I'm currently trying to make this game a cakewalk. I just evolved my Totodile to a Croconaw. At times like this, I want a GBA SP, trying to play with a flashlight isn't the best experience.

Wait... I think I still haven't played Ultra Sun in a while...

It's time for Alan's Not-So Weekly Goodwill Trips! Episode 495. In this episode, Alan goes through the same local Goodwill and buys a Paper Mario Sticker Book for 50 cents cause in that Goodwill was aboslutely nothing. The items that did touch his intrest a bit, was always broken or unusable. The package of floppy disks he saw lying in the monitor rack was ripped to shreds and the floppy disks were not in good shape! He walked away very dissapointed because that Goodwill had nothing for the past month and Alan is currently thinking about going to Goodwills much farther away cause this Goodwill is the same endless cycle. Stay tuned next week or not!

Splatfest is going to be Halloween themed this month AND also be longer than a normal Splatfest! I'm going to participate because I decided to make my character look stupid with the Kyonshi Hat which I still don't have abilities for. I also can't wait to play around with the clout meter again, it makes everything so tense! I even bought a month subscription to Switch Online because I had literally no other choice to play this Splatfest. I haven't even touched my Switch yet, I only want to play Splatfest. This is weak...

Luigi's Mansion came out on 3DS and it was pretty good. I hate the 3DS circle pad though. Maybe it's because I had the rubber ripped off but my thumb felt like I shoved a billion knives into it. The motion controls got weird for me to control but I got used to it, though it's not the best. I got as far as only a few portrait ghosts away from King Boo, but I don't know if I'll ever finish because that movement is GRATING. The game does make me kinda hype for Luigi's Mansion 3. I hope I have as much fun with Luigi's Mansion 3 as much as I did with Luigi's Mansion.

Wait... since it's October... you know what is getting very close and close? The time some person you don't know gives you some treats... Christmas! Cause November is just Not-December and October is Not-Not-December! Also, thanks alot for the 10,000 views!

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