November 4th, 2018

It's November, uhh... yummy? I guess so, since November is only home to Thanksgiving and that's it really...

My neighbors nearby had a garage sale, but I thought it would've been another sale that sells only clothes, but it wasn't just that. They had an iMac G3 and eMac sitting below a table for $10 each! I only bought the iMac G3 cause the eMac looked very broken and I had no space for it anyways. They sold it as a TV and not a fully functioning computer!

Welcome a new computer in the family!

It came with just the computer and harddrive itself, which means there was no RAM or AirPort card. The harddrive seemed to be a standard 10GB that came with the system and was really loud. I added 768MB of RAM and installed a 40GB HDD. It's now sitting on my basement with my other PCs.

Also I was testing out Virtual PC because the iMac is better than the one I got.

So I kinda need a DVD-RW drive and I have an external USB/FireWire drive here (It's the drive right next to the new iMac on the picture above). The only problem is that the drive is pretty busted. It can read DVDs fine, but not burn into them. It's the complete opposite with CDs! It got pretty annoying but I bounced with it. Then recently, it just decided to read discs when it feels like it, and I just wanted to get something better. Though, external DVD drives cost a bit too much, so I decided to crack open this beast and check out what's up. The drive does not have any screws, the only thing keeping this together was the pads on the sides. I got cracking, literally. After all the pads got off, they snap back on easily! The drive was just a standard IDE drive to a USB interface so it was easy to replace the drive. I, for whatever reason, do not own any unused DVD-RW burning drives so I had to use a DVD-ROM drive. It does not burn discs of any type, but it reads DVDs, so whatever. It works just fine and I could probably also make a external HDD if I wanted, but I have no unused IDE harddrive thats over 40GB. Besides, nothing here needs more space anyways.

I hope you all have a good year!! Christmas is almost around the corner and soon after that, it's the end of the year!! I still cannot believe it's November! I'm expecting more packages this month, so I didn't want this blog post to continue the string of the ever expanding "I need help getting off eBay" line. Anyways, stay strong!!

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