December 13th, 2018

It's the final month of 2018, can you believe the year is already almost over? Still shocked that this year just flew on by...

Good news! Goodwill finally had something that wasn't some crappy phone case! A Hitachi VHS camcorder! It came with batteries to use it, however, they were all dried up and refuse to charge. Luckily, the thing comes with an AC adapter. The heads look fine and clean, but I'm not sure. One tape I tried got all fuzzy. The camcorder also outputs in AV video, so I could use it as a quick and dirty way to digitize my tapes quickly and to make dumb stuff.

It's actually getting dissapointing that Goodwill is starting to get scarce with anything good. I just noticed that the VHS sections in multiple stores were removed. This blows.

Aside from that, I remembered I own a tiny portable CRT TV that my brother bought from Goodwill a year or two ago. It still works, but the screen is kinda wobbly at places sometimes. It has an attenna on it, but all that is broadcasting is a TV radio station. It does have AV input, so I can use the TV with my camcorder for a complete portable set.

I'm getting back to playing Splatoon 2 almost every day now. I'm starting to possibly get even closer to getting X on all ranks. Previously, I foolishly ranked down on 3 different modes. My subscription already ended though, so I guess I won't be getting higher unless I pay again. I also played the entire story mode with a charger and it was pretty fun. It helped my charger plays a little bit, but not a lot. I got a pretty charger from it though.

Katamari Damacy Reroll came out! It plays exactly like KD but with better graphics. I'll put up all the scores I got soon. Since the game was made in Unity, it's pretty easy to just modify the game to choose any cousin you want to play as. A few downsides to this is that the tutorial and Space Mushroom will softlock the game and in menus, the Prince will still load. If you wanna take a look, here's the video.

The game is still fun though. I hope Namco remakes We Love Katamari. That will kill me.

I remembered I had a Nintendo Developer Portal account for no dang reason and I'm gonna actually try making something functional on the 3DS using Unity. I have messed with Unity for 3DS before, but it's usually just stupid stuff I thrown together in 5 hours. I'm off to a pretty terrible start since everything Unity compiles is developer encrypted and I have to decrypt it for my retail system. Right after I do that, the game crashes and I just gave up. I'm probably going to work on the "project" in short bursts.

Sorry this took long. I have finals next week and my back is killing me. I'll try updating the site a bit more to compensate for the lack of anything last week. After finals is Winter Break. So I'll be able to update the site much more often. Take care!

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