December 28th, 2018

Winter break is finally here! I've been waiting for finals to end, but it's all over! Now I finally can focus on this site more! Also, christmas is really close! Remember the VHS camcorder and CRT TV I mentioned the other day? I'll provide some photos and some more details on it.

The CRT TV has some issues with it. Sometimes, the video shakes a lot and the color is pretty dark. I messed with the dials in the back to no avail. The sound isn't that good either, it sounds very muffled. The headphone jack works like it should, but there is a chance of having the color drained out from the screen. I'm using this only so I can play some games closer to my PC.

Also, the camera supports AV input! There is a tiny switch above the AV ports which can change the function between input and output. If you wanted, you could also do quick and dirty VHS copying or try to play some game like I did using the viewfinder and ruin your eyes.

Here are some more photos of the camera and TV.

I got a year long subscription to Switch Online for Christmas. That's about it. It's not much but whatever. Atleast I can finally be in every Splatfest until they stop doing them. I ranked up to S+9 on Rainmaker and ranked down right after. I also had fallen off Rank X on Splat Zones again. I'm closing in on getting Rank X on all ranked modes! I just need to ready up my Clam Blitz game and I'm for sure getting atleast above S+5 on all modes.

Also, a while ago, a Gex 3 prototype has surfaced which was built 3 months before release. I tried it out and it's fun to mess around with. I haven't 100% Gex 3 yet, so I can't tell what is used and isn't used, but there is a lot of unfinished areas and reused things. There's somethings obviously not used though, like the constant use of the Gex 2 theme, TVs with Gex 2 levels still on them, the main hub areas still being called the Media Dimension, and the occasional script errors. If you want to download it to play around with it or watch a video showcasing everything in it, feel free and click here to go to the Hidden Palace page on it. This prototype is going to be 20 years old in a few days!

Spoiler Warnings for: Persona 5
Info: 7th Palace

I played Persona 5 step by step and the story is super invigorating!! I got so into it that I didn't even touch my PC for two days. I finished every palace up to Shido's Cruiser, but I'm just absolutely stuck on the bosses on the Cruiser. The mouse puzzles were tiring, especially when I couldn't find a solution quick enough and got tired of listening to the same song for hours, but I managed and got to the boss, and got stuck again. I probably suck really hard at JRPGs.

Spoilers for Persona 5 end here!!

I haven't used that spoiler warning thing since April. I forgot about USUM. I have been taking jabs at it whenever I pick up my 3DS, but I haven't been progressing a lot.

I took a while to take this because of Winter Break and the day I decided to finish this up and upload it, I got a MASSIVE headache. I bought a monitor at Goodwill but I should've known better and the monitor... say... wasn't that good. It was way too bright and I got super dizzy cause of it. It was $6 though, so not too bad of a loss. Sorry about that but see you next week!

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