Feburary 13th, 2018

Welcome to the site! Were those 12 days of absolutely nothing worth it? I mean it was literally nothing.
During testing, I used a Windows 2000 Virtual PC and Firefox 3.6. I tried the site out with IE 5, which is included, and the only problem I noticed is the item boxes are always broken up in lines. A fix might happen, might not. But atleast I got the entire site ready to go! I hope to soon make this a pretty giant site with a bunch of things to offer!

During testing, I did find a few bugs and stuff, like the selection divs getting split up by line breaks, which switching to span tags and using display: inline; didn't work. I might or might not fix this in the coming weeks but I have my eyes on it. This was mostly with older browsers like Netscape. Yes, nobody uses them anymore, but it adds to the aesthetic.

Nice Line Breaks feat. Firefox.

Also, even though I have a pretty silly 800x600 Hi-Colors button on my homepage, the site actually works perfectly on 640x480 displays. As long as you're using a good browser that doesn't clutter the width, then it should be fine.

If I could find a freaking power strip, maybe I can try getting on this site on my iMac G3 and see how that turns out? Wouldn't be surprised if it has issues like IE 5. Maybe on Windows XP, but who knows? That would make for a sweet banner, not gonna lie.

I'll just send a little thanks to someone in the Links for introducing me to NeoCities. Plus, it seems everybody here is into making 90s looking sites. Hello, NeoCities!

I don't have a WHOLE lot to spill for now. I'll just save it for the next post. Goodbye!

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