Feburary 16th, 2019

It's been a whole year since I registered this site on Neocities! I didn't upload the site till much later, but I forgot the exact date.

Splatfest was here and I chose pancakes because of their soft taste! We lost though... very badly... Shifty Station was kinda fun however! It started getting kinda easy pushing the other team to their base with an Octobrush. We're only a few more months before the final Splatfest.

There was a Nintendo Direct 2 days ago and I can't say I was excited for most of it. I am looking forward to Mario Maker 2 but that's about it. The rest of the line up consisted of games that don't interest me.

Persona Q2 was announced for not-Japan regions recently and since Persona 5 got me into the series, I'll try my hand on it. Yo-kai Watch 3 came out in the US last week and I got that slow loading crap I had with WarioWare Gold. Reinstalling didn't do anything so I just formatted my SD card with all the important files only and that fixed it. But I think the SD card is going to die sometime soon. I should probably check that.

I've been behind in DSi hacking, I was waiting for HiyaCFW to come out and then lost touch. But it seems like HiyaCFW finally came out and I managed to completely hack my DSi. It's pretty straight forward if you still have firmware 1.4 on it.

Installing UNLAUNCH and TWiLight Menu++ allows you to run any DSiWare application, emulate a tiny handful of games (Game Boy, Sega Genesis, NES, Master System, and SNES), and play DS roms.

Here's a Japanese exclusive DSiWare title, Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy.

Let's step it up a notch, here's the iQue version of WarioWare: Snapped!

I'll look at DS ROMs in just a bit...

Finally, here's an iQue DS game running. There isn't any region lock because the lock only applies to original DS systems.

Also, here's a quick photo of the NES emulator.

Do I recommend it? It's a cool thing to have, but it's not something you should buy a DSi to get. If you have a 3DS, you can go hack that. If you don't but have a DSi lying around, I say give it a shot. You can follow the guide here. Make sure you follow exactly what it says so you don't end up bricking it!

I got really bored earlier this week so I decided "Don't I have a way to make all my DS systems play ROMS?" and that's what I did. I attempted to use Mario Kart DS as an example. My main goal was to use only the ROM of Mario Kart DS and never use my legit cartridge. However, my 3DSXL did not want to read my flashcart so I had to use my cartridge.

The original DS was assigned to use my EZ Flash IV, a GBA flashcart. You might be thinking "How is a GBA flashcart going to help run a DS ROM?" Well, if you have a compatable EZ Flash IV firmware and you have a passme device, you can actually run a few commercial ROMs. I didn't have a passme device (or so I thought) and installed flashme. Flashme is passme, but it is installed onto your DS firmware. It's not a risky process, as it requires a way to bridge two pins on the motherboard by opening the battery cover. Once that was done, the EZ Flash IV could now play DS ROMs.

I'm not going to go explain what I did for my DSi, New 3DS, and original 3DS as they all took the same route of using nds-bootstrap.

For my 3DSXL, I didn't hack it cause it's not mine, it's my brothers. I didn't hack it incase he didn't want me to so I tried using my DSTWO flashcart. It didn't want to read at all, but it worked for all my other devices, so I used the legit cartridge.

The end result... is this.

I didn't do anything after I set it all up. I don't have 4 other people willing to play Mario Kart DS.

That's it for this week. I'm getting back on track to weekly updates again, I originally got lazy a bit because I wanted a longer school break. It's already Feburary though so I should get working again. Take care!

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