Feburary 5th, 2019

I'm super sorry that there was no blog post at all for last month. There wasn't much to talk about because school started again and I just couldn't get out of the vacation mindset. Also, my area was getting extremely cold temperatures so I got kinda sick. I'll make it up soon.

I recently got Rank X on every mode except Clam Blitz. I do take matches with my Rank X modes, but I'm super scared of losing my X rank. So far, I'm safe and stuck around 2000-2100 X power. Salmon Run has also been pretty fun, I'm mostly playing for minutes to hours. I'm going to make a path to Profreshional 999 soon. I'm in Profreshional 300, but I heard people say that Profreshional 400 is the last safe point. In which, if a Salmon Run rotation ever ends and you are above 400, you reset back to 400. Kinda scary, especially when it takes hours to get above 200.

I'm taking some projects up on HTML editing and uploading small samples on my old server, like a fansite on hobbies I'm into and stuff. I only worked on them for atleast a week, so I have almost no progress done on them. I probably will link them here, but I have a habit of starting something and never finishing it, so there's a chance I won't.

There is this weird thing going on my PC lately. Whenever I use a program which heavily relies on graphics, it has a chance of locking up my entire PC. I shortened this down to my GPU drivers and AMD being super lame. I don't have the money to afford a new GPU so I guess I'm stuck with this. Thanks to this, I can't mod Katamari Damacy Reroll too much or I risk having to restart my entire PC. I don't have an SSD because of budget and I want to keep my files for longer than 3 seconds so it takes quite a while for the PC to get into my desktop.

I got a "new" mouse for my PC since my other mouse's left button usually never responded. It feels really comfortable, but the middle mouse button requires a harder push for it to activate. I mostly use it to quickly close tabs, but it's really annoying during 3D modeling when I'm trying to rotate my view. I'm never going to get used to it.

I'm pretty sure I haven't said this yet, but Super Galdelic Hour has an album which is pretty easy to grab images from. The images are all JPG files. For example, let's say you bought an album and snapped your first image into it called "Coolname". It would save to the memory card as a.jpg.Coolname. The file extension would be Coolname, but removing that would give you a fully functioning JPG file. I managed to whip up two photos. This isn't groundbreaking at like, all, but it's just something fun.

Curiosity spoke and I tried the same for We Love Katamari, while it's not a common file format, opening it in GIMP as RAW data can produce a picture. Well, it IS a picture, but not a good one...

I finished Persona 5 and the ending was super cool. It sucks how the game completely ends in 30 minutes after the final battle though. I wanted to do a bit more but atleast I can start NG+... if P5R wasn't teased. Maybe if it comes out on Switch, I'll get it.

I found my PSP from 2012 and it's wonderful bulging battery that I still haven't done anything about and put Persona 3 Portable on. It's almost as fun as Persona 5, but I'm literally no expert on any JRPG. I would want to play much more, but my PSP is really sensitive. One tiiiny touch to the battery cover could shut down the entire system. I'm thinking of just playing the entire game on the PS2. Now I just have to figure out how to play P4G if I ever get to it...

Remember the icon for the previous blog post was Toshi stating that we didn't get any snow yet? Well, that entirely changed! We got a boatload of snow and we got freezing temperatures! Luckily, I didn't get anything worse than an annoying cold. I did go to Goodwill, but I got... floppy disk stickers. Good thing we finally put the cold weather behind us.

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