March 1st, 2018

Hello again! It's been a while, aka 3 days too much! So what's happening?

My hard drive space is shrinking quickly, my lowest was around 210GB out of 930GB. I mostly blame all my game recordings that I never bother to trash once I finish rendering them. They all total to 5... hold on a sec... 14... nuh... 23... yikes... 50... no... 70... not that either... 100... nope... 138GB of just videos.

It's mostly from all my records I take from Elgato Game Capture HD. I mean, 5GB for 50 minutes. I should really render them, as the rendered video takes up less space than the recorded video. Plus, some of these videos I rendered or not, I still haven't even tried making a video to put on YouTube yet. Good job, me!

I cleaned some recordings from my drive and I'm at 271GB. I should really clean up to get to around 300GB.

Maybe I shouldn't free space... I mean there's nothing to clean up... right?

Nothing at all!

Nothing at all!! sobbing

I should really save up for a desktop and a bigger hard drive. I should probably invest in one of those archival hard drives which are like 5TB big. It's huge, but totally worth for what I'm using it for.

So, could I chew out Comcast for one tiny bit? I don't like how they're forcing their xFi stuff onto their consumers. Recently, I got a new router model since my old one kept restarting at random times. They've been putting "Use our NEW xFi thingy!" on their router homepage. Alright. Just yesterday, I tried port fowarding, and I couldn't! Why? Because I can't just simply go on the router's homepage and do it THERE! Oh, no. I need to use their special xFi service and set it up THERE. I mean come on! I'm communicating DIRECTLY with the router, why do I need to use xFi if I could just do my port fowarding on the router? But then again, for whatever reason, I just have to use xFi to port forward. I checked all the other pages and they don't tell me I HAVE to use xFi. Well, what's wrong with port forwarding?

Well, that was a long post. See you later! I'll get videos that I need to render up sooner or later!

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