March 30th, 2018

Spring Break started! Hooray for a week of no school.

So, what's been happening so far? Other than school... I have plans on what to do this spring!

Other than obviously update this site, I'm finally planning to finish games I never played for years and haven't bothered to even complete..

I should have said some of them. There are way too many games I own and never completed. One would be Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. I played Explorers of Sky and beat that. I played Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon but I shoved it off for Omega Ruby since I was hooked on that. There's also a bunch of other 3DS games I never thought of finishing. I probably should get to that.

So today I went to Goodwill. It's been a month since I went to one. There was almost nothing of interest and since they removed the VHS tapes and cassette tapes from their selection, it's really lame. I got a copy of Sonic & Knuckles, but I have no AC adapter for my Genesis. So really nothing I can use right now.

[ [ Start Kirby Star Allies After Story Spoilers!! ] ]

I played the new update for Kirby Star Allies and Marx was really strong! I managed to beat The Ultimate Choice in a few minutes because of Marx. Maybe all special characters are like that? I haven't played too much Ultimate Choice to figure that out. One thing for sure is I'm going to try ??? Star Allies with Marx. Hopefully, I'll beat that.

[ [ End Kirby Star Allies After Story Spoilers!! ] ]

I uncovered a few ZIP disks I used to backup some really old versions of my site. I backed up every single site I made since August 2015. Around the time I got Splatoon! The funny thing is that 3 months later, I promised a Splatoon page, but that never got made until 2 years AFTER my promise. Whoops!

There's also a backup here of a site which I stole 99% of the code from Microsoft's old website dated to 1998. I tried making a site, but failed because lack of motiviation. There's also somethings on that site which never got put in this site. Like a few Mario Artists animations and stuff. I don't know if I should do anything with said animations and stuff. But overall, the ENTIRE site was in development for 8 months only because I REALLY didn't have the motiviation to finish it. Development started from December 2016, development restarted in May 2017, and ended on July 2017.

After that, the site would be updated 4 more times up until November 2017 with the Odyssey "Speedrun" and then I just lost motiviation to do anything on it. Simply because editing the entire site was a complete nightmare. The code was so unorginized, finding the parts to even put the text and images on was a hassle.

Speaking of site development. I actually have a few test images still left here. They were used for testing the banner randomizer you see on the top of every page that exists here. Wanna look?

Yes, they're both full of nonsense, but you weren't suppose to see it in the first place anyways. But now you have! They are actually wider than the used banners, but it's only because I sorta wanted support for a smaller resolution monitor, so I had to cut them down. Nothing too much was lost anyways.

I would like to have a few more ZIP disks just for the novelty of having them. I like having things like ZIP disks in my hands. They give me a really cool feeling. Wonder if anyone stil sells those 750MB disks.

This was kinda long. See you next post!!

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