March 6th, 2018

Hello, world!
This weekend was pretty boring! I went to Goodwill today, and holy hell was it dissapointing. I guess I found a PSVita with a 16GB memory card for... $75... It's... a little too much for Goodwill prices. But whatever, not a HUGE loss anyways... maybe a tad bit..?

It kind of reminds me of this eBay listing which was $75,000. This was only one photo out of 10.

Nintendo recently came out with their MyNintendo program where gold coins can turn into cash. It's... not that great. I'm really sure they planned out *actual* Switch Rewards but then they threw that out for this. I mean, it's something, but not what I was expecting?

I'm planning to build a pretty good PC after the school year ends. Mine feels like it's getting slower and slower. Hopefully, it's the fact that the hard drive is literally 70-80% full and not that the hardware is finally going to die. I hope it's done before MHW finally releases on PC.

Speaking of Monster Hunter, that Games category... should it really be there? I'm thinking about replacing it, as I never even updated it since the site's launch. But I don't know what to replace it with.

I've also been thinking of doing speedruns of really dumb games like Super Galdelic Hour. I don't have any on mind right now. Maybe Vib-Ripple or something really stupid like Spongebob Supersponge? People got 23 minutes on that game. Weird. Maybe, try something more modern? Mario Odyssey, Splatoon, Mario Kart? I'll plan on it.

Hey, let's get a little bit classy though. Back in early 2016, I recorded my Splatoon footage on... a VHS tape. But... why? I wanted that superior quality! Why am I mentioning this? I'm planning to transfer all that footage to my PC and upload it to YouTube. I believe I have a match of me playing on Mahi-Mahi Resort and a small bit from the Pokemon Red vs Pokemon Blue splatfest. It should be up by next weekend.

I also have recorded other stuff on the VHS tapes I own. I used to have a recording of me playing on this Mario Maker stage I made and trying to upload it. It got overwritten by a Gex 3 playthrough though. The funny thing is, a Wii U dialog box saying "Please wait..." pops up, does it's thing, goes away, and instantly cuts off to Gex 3.

There's this other tape with a Mario 64 16-star speedrun I attempted. I think I gave up after failing to do the MIPS clip. Theres another tape with Um Jammer Lammy gameplay on it too. It was played on a really bad PS1 disc reader though, so there are a lot of pauses in gameplay. I know theres other things on the tape, but I can't remember... I don't plan to upload these tapes in the near future. But those Splatoon tapes are coming soon enough.

Also some of my tapes stopped recording at the 47 minute mark. Not even on SP recording length.

Alright, enough rambling. See you next post!!

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