March 8th, 2019

It's March! I'm halfway through the semester at school. The weather outside has thankfully warmed up a bit, but it still can get pretty cold. The weather also took down 2 days of school off the calender. The school was nice enough to only put in 1 day back up.

I recently borrowed Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from my library and it's so relaxing to have Mario Kart 8 on my Switch instead of having to reconnect my Wii U back to my TV to play like 4 matches online with the same 9 people with a Wii U still. They finally fixed the lame battle mode and included five different rules. My favorite is Renegade Roundup or Shine Thief because they always get really crazy in the first 30 seconds of the match.

A new Splatfest was announced! Knights vs. Wizards! They should've done this when the new amiibo were announced since it would've fit then. I'm going for wizards since I only bothered to get the wizard outfit in the game. I was playing Clam Blitz and I'm almost at the peak of S+. I'm at S+8 now and I can smell Rank X calling me out. I went up a level and I'm in level 97! I am super close to the peak of both the ranks and levels! There's probably nothing waiting for me at the end, but I'm just super excited to get the MAX multiplayer ranks!!

I beat Yo-Kai Watch 3 a few days after the previous blog post and the ending came a little too fast. I thought the things I had to do before the final boss was just another of the game's quests, but next thing I knew, the credits started rolling. I spent 26 hours playing Yo-Kai Watch 3 and I don't think I'll spend much more cause I don't know what else to do aside from the quests. I could do the chapter after the final boss but I forgot what to do or where to go and the game won't remind me.

Also, there's this localization error where opening the map for Springdale opens up the Japanese version of the map.

Have I ever mentioned I found an Intellivision II somewhat complete in box at a Goodwill for 6 dollars? I bought it but it never came with a game. I bought Burgertime from eBay for 3 dollars and it works on my Intellivision. The system thankfully came with an RF adapter so I don't have to screw anything. The game's music is pretty good.

I heard you could make Intellivision games using BASIC with an SDK called IntyBasic. I tried it out and it's super cool to mess around with. I do not know a lot of BASIC commands but I'll probably take a spin at this. I should probably worry about my other projects I'm doing...

This week's Useless Thing I Wasted Moments On was flashing an Xbox Wireless Adapter to be it's own wireless adapter that isn't locked to an Xbox. I bought the adapter solo at a Goodwill years ago and it wasn't useful to me anyways cause our internet was WPA2 and this only supports up to WPA. All you have to do really is just replace a few files for the updater on Windows and that's pretty much it. I had to go through a bit of renaming cause my adapter was updated to the latest firmware and the modded firmware was registered as an earlier firmware. I went to the gateway page and it works, but obviously, I can't use it to connect to my internet. It's not like I use wireless internet that much anyways.

Speaking of Goodwill, I don't have a lot of luck finding anything good. I found this Canon LiDE 20/30 that I got cause it was a flatbed scanner and I needed to scan some books and crud. It obviously doesn't work with my Windows 10 setup but I can use my iMac G3 and it'll work fine. It's slow, of course, but it scans up to 1200DPI and only needs to be powered by USB. I don't have to wait 8 minutes for my loud printer to start up and then use the terrible software that came with it. Other than that, I found absolutely nothing of interest which blows.

Here's a small test with the scanner.

I also bought Sam & Max: Season 1 and Season 2 discs from eBay a while ago. Season 1 shipped fine but Season 2 kinda looked a bit off. It's my first experience with a damaged item, but it's just a DVD case that was broken. It doesn't tick me off at all since the disc is fine.

My brother ordered a GBC dandelion shell kit cause I don't know why but whatever. He intends to fix up the lime green GBC we have here that doesn't have the screen frame and looks pretty dirty. Hopefully, the new shell will make it look so much better.

There also was some Sam & Max figures that were shown off at a toy fair last month or so and I didn't talk about it for some reason. If I can remember, the concepts were shown in like summer of 2017 or 2018, and I thought it didn't look appealing. Well, I was probably an idiot cause it was obviously concept art and it's supposed to look unappealing, now that the things actually exist, they look pretty cool. They don't have a release date yet, but it's said to come out this year. I have my bets on late summer to mid fall.

Recently, I was looking at some old PowerPC Macintosh computers from after the iMac G3, and I have my eyes on the PowerMac G4 Cube. It looks so cool, especially when you have matching accessories. I don't plan on getting another Macintosh computer because I don't have anymore space due to my new iMac G3. I looked at a few iBook G3's because my Clamshell sucks to use because the battery is dead just like all the others. They all look dirty, but that's what happens if you try buying cheap. But still, the non-Clamshell iBook G3 looks super sleek. These listings on eBay don't say that though.

See you next time on Useless Thing I Wasted Moments On where I probably start a D.I.Y. channel on YouTube and cause a fire in my neighborhood. I'm getting back on track with this site now that I'm focusing on working things a bit more. See you next post!

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