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I'm a Treecko human living in my base for a while now. I'm here using my old and pretty
Windows 98 Second Edition + Windows XP Home Edition computer. It's pretty boring here other than eating cookies. :)

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September 20th, 2018 16:50
I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started Alan's Website. Honestly. This started as a side project I wanted to do out of curiosity and boom. New site. I never thought this will stick along with me, but it has. I created many different versions proudly and showed them off to friends. The praise I got only made me want to make more!
Version 1.0 - August 2015 to November 2015
This is what the layout is currently based off of. Started development on August 2015 and I finished the site's layout that following month. I kept it with me until November 2015 which then was replaced by 2.0.

I called this site with the codename "Treecomli" because the site hoster used comli subdomains. So why not smash in Treecko (my favorite pokemon) and comli together? I swear I'm smart!!

I wasn't an idiot (well maybe I was) and stuck a photo of me developing the site. Just keep "Windows 98 Second Edition + Windows XP Home Edition computer" in mind. I... wasn't joking.

Yes, that was my Windows XP side of the computer working on it. That blog post. I couldn't stop updating the blog part for 4 hours straight. That's how proud I was of it. Yes, there are more posts after that, but I don't think I would be showing much of that...

There was also an FAQ section! Who asked all those questions? Totally not me!! Yeah! Believe me please. I asked 4 questions, and answered all of them. Nobody probably cared for it though.

Also, slingshotting it right back to that blog post... Stuff 'n Stuff... Huh?? What's that??

It was my section for downloads!! It's actually... just stupid recordings of my 3DS custom theme I had installed at the time. It's literally just that and nothing else. Moving on to the next version.

Version 2.0 - November 2015 to December 2015

What a short lifespan this one was. I learned a bit of HTML during the development and found out you can make seperate HTML docs and link them together! Wow! What a discovery!

About me had the same stuff in the About me section in the previous site. It also included pretty false information on how many versions my site had. It was just to look like I had website making experience.

Tiny Blog Corner (dubbed TBC here) was just my blog. Nothing new.

Huh? Wait... this is an outdated version? Obviously! Wait, I'm looking at an older version of this site? Alright... hold on.

You heard right! This was an outdated version! I don't know why I still have it but whatever.

Upon entering, you would be greeted here instead of the regular homepage!
And what is this!? A links page!?

Yes!! New additions had a new Links page and that exact page also linked to a few bonus pages!! I'll skip over the stuff that's already mentioned and not new and skip to the Links page!

And this is where... stuff gets... kinda awkward.

First, theres a page where I pretty much act like a Treecko. Pretty embarassing...
Second, A page where I talk about my computers, including one which got trashed 2 years ago...
Next is a... Toshi game?
Then there are comics... none of them are good.

The "Treecko" blog part only had 3 posts, and all I said was "WOAH SHINY!?!!?!?!?!?!" and thats pretty much it. I believe I made it too late in the lifespan of the site and week or two later, I replaced the site again.

My computers page pretty much listed what computers and specs it had. Nothing special.

This Toshi game. When I saw it when making a backup on early April 2018, I completely forgot about it. Then, here's where the bad stuff gets in. I have the executable, the HTML pages promoting it, and everything else. But... the game doesn't boot on my modern PC. Shoot. Theres 1 living screenshot here.

That Treecko there was an enemy. The CRT montior was the goal. Why does Toshi look different? You might need to read the whole post again if you need to find out.

Oh no... the Pokemon Comics. This might need some explaining...

So at school, I managed to somehow get a GBA emulator and some nuzlocke randomizer files on the computers. I played it and drew out how those went. They're all so terrible, I'm not gonna bother showing them... Maybe later...

Version 3.0 - December 2015 to October 2016
This was a giant revamp for the layout, and also the longest a site has been the same. Almost an entire year!

I also made some promises that weren't met... Like a Splatoon page! I thought of it during 2.0 but never did it or announced it. I announced it here but never, ever got around to doing it. This was the homepage;

New sidebar!! Rants!! Pickup page which never got used!! Doodles which never got used!! And reviews!! Which also never got used!!

As you can obviously see in the picture, last update was on May 29th, 2016. And the one before that was a post from... December... Wow.

Before I start talking about the site, let me just put up this 404 image I never used but I thought it was kinda funny.

OK, before I start... Rants, Pick-ups, Computers, Doodles, and the Reviews are all empty. So, theres... really nothing to talk about. I'm serious I checked everything. Other than blog posts, there's nothing. Next version, I guess?

Version 4.0 - November 2016 - Cancelled Version
Hey look! A cancelled version of 4.0! The site calls it 4.2 but I call it 4.0. Trust me, during this time I couldn't think of any new layouts so I had to throw out a bunch of them.

As you can see, this version was very unfinished. Comics Sans and it axed half of the features from 3.0 so it's kinda not good. There's also my physical drawings you can clearly see there! I don't plan on uploading all of them due to the fact they all are 1GB in size, but it was the first time I put my "actual" art on the site.

I cleaned the entire blog and added an annoucements page. The annoucements page was me saying "Oh, I can't work on the site as much as I used to, but I'll update whenever I get the chance!" type of deal. Other than that, theres nothing really new. All the other stuff are pretty empty and not worth noting.

Version 5.0 - December 2016 to May 2017 - Cancelled Version
This one was also canned because I didn't have the motivation to do it. I copied the site directly off from an old version of the Microsoft site on 1998. The fact that the whole site layout was done by someone else and not me probably is the reason why the hype died for me. Anyways, here it is.

That isn't big at all. This was also unfinished to the CORE. Because the site was mostly based off of Microsoft's site, a lot of the links led to other Microsoft pages and didn't bother fixing it.

Any new stuff that you actually made? RSS channel, Mario Artist videos, New York 02, Toshi page, Website History, and Contact Info. I also brought back all the old stuff from 3.0.

This was also the first ever version to replace the sentance long blog posts to full on blog pages so I could talk more about stuff.

Contact Info, Website History, Toshi, Projects, New York 02, FAQ, Downloads, Links, Rants, Reviews, and Art do not have ANYTHING. Blog does and it's mostly me saying "Miitopia is out in Japan and it's fun!!" to "Nintendo Switch is out and it's fun!! (Even though I still don't have one.)"

Nothing else worth mentioning. I barely ever progressed making it.

Version 5.0 - June 2017 to November 2017
I remember making this site. It was hell on earth. There were bugs everywhere. Once I finally put it out there on August 2017, I didn't update until a month later. After that update, I didn't update it until November 2017, which was the final update. This was the final version of Alan's Website to ever be hosted on Treecomli before I moved to NeoCities.

I still have a few builds of it during development. Here's the earliest one I can manage to swipe.

This was made probably around E3 2017, I think?

And this was the final development version before I uploaded it online.

The Test Server Releated might've touched your interest. It's actually what you think it would be. A bunch of bugs I fixed and new stuff I added. You might've noticed the Soshi Games notification there too. This was developed during the time me and Andrew met and decided it would be cool if we made a company which made the best games in the world.

Back on the subject of changelogs, I made the names of the builds after music I was listening to, things I was researching, or stuff that happened. Here's the entire list of all the build names and explainations.

[Build Spicy Calamari Inkantation]
(This was the final build, so why not use final boss music?)

[Build Build Rush Blush]
(You can't have Tide Goes Out without this.)

[Build Tidal Rush]
(I actually misspelled Tide Goes Out. oops. Also, this was when me and Andrew formed Soshi Games.)

[Build Splat]
(I think this was the time I met Andrew.)

[Build Neon City]
(Played a lot of Miitopia, named a build after Neon City.)

[Build Longhorn]
(I rewritten the entire site so much, I named this after Windows Longhorn cause that also restarted development.)

[Build Ebb & Flow]
(I was listening to Ebb & Flow from Off the Hook!)

[Build Marina]
(Off the Hook got revealed, so I called this after my favorite!)

[Build Cyberpunk]
(Was listening to music from Miitopia, it was called CYBERPUNK.)

[Build Super Star]
(Jump Up, Super Star. That's it. I think this was when after the Odyssey trailer was shown.)

[Build Endolphin]
(Endolphin Surge. That's it.)

[Build Switcharooni]
(I got a Switch during this time.)

[Build Rhapsody]
(Codename for an early version of Mac OS X.)

[Build Tempest]
(Wanted to sound cool and futuristic!)

I finally made a Splatoon page on this one! It's pretty much the same compared to the one I have now. Everything is actually almost identical. The links page has a link to TASVideos, JVGS, and Squidboards. Splatoon page has a slideshow. Blog has almost nothing in it. The usual. Although I hated making this site because of how unorganized the code was, I loved the interaction it sorta gave for my viewers.

The last update was the Super Mario Odyssey Speed Challenge! Put it up on November 2017 and then went silent...

Version 6.1 - December 2017 to Janurary 2018 - Oldest Version
This was the ealiest build of the site you're looking at now! I put a lot of time into it and got Andrew to help test it out.

Now... what was left in this version and never came to you? There were a few test files which I needed to check functionality for older browsers which is almost always my focus. There's only one unfinished blog post made in Janurary 12th, 2018. It's just me saying "I got a new capture card! Now my stuff won't look ugly!" and that's it.

Anything new? Yes! We got a Speedrunning page now! It looks similar to the one I have currently. The Splatoon page looks no different from the previous version and that's it. Build names exist too!

[Build Odyssey]
(I wanted to sound cool.)

[Build Disco Prince]
(I was listening to DISCO*PRINCE.)

[Build Flavor]
(I actually don't know.)

[Build W2000]
(I test some of my sites on Windows 2000.)

[Build City of Color]
(I don't think I was listening to City of Color.)

[Build Check it Out]
(I THINK I was listening to Check Mii Out music.)

Also, did you check the buttons on top? The Games page used to be only for Splatoon.

Version 6.1.1 - Janurary 2018 - Old Version
Another one!? Yup. This one was really short on content. Only worked on it for 4 hours max and then never touched it.

The foomin, ichigo, dipp, and kuro pages are all testing pages. Foomin was the changelog page, Ichigo was to test themes, Dipp was to... test themes, and Kuro was to test how putting colors in the content box was like. It's being used right now!

There was also the Projects page! I got as far as to put the Soshi Games logo on it and a few dummy parts but that's it. Also, this was the last version to ever have a Computers page. The other tabs don't have any content to them so...

Version 6.2 - Feburary 2018
I wonder which version this is... Oh wait! It's this one! It actually came out! You are on it right now!! And... I actually update it!! This was the first version to not be on Treecomli and finally get onto NeoCities on Feburary 2018! I don't think I have any development builds anymore. The development builds I have on my MEGA account seem to be really close to the final product so I won't bother.

Final words for today!
I really, really, REALLY mean it when I say Thank you for visiting! It means so much that people actually go on my site and read what I post! Thank those who've also been reading my stuff since the start of Treecomli days. I will continue to update this site!! I love making stuff when I know people are always going to read it! Looking back,

It's really weird looking how I evolved from a Treecko talking about some short life stories, to someone talking about their games, characters, drawings, and friends!

Thank you all!!

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