April 14th, 2018

Spring Break is finished. It was fun. Now, school is back. There's only 6 weeks of school left, so thats cool. School already ruined my week, but my back decides to start hurting to death. Any more ways this week can get worse?

I added a new Toshi animation in the Toshi section. Check it out if you haven't. It took me a few minutes to think of it, and I originally thought of having a partner alongside Toshi for that animation. I didn't know how to add them into the "plot", but maybe for Disco 2.0? If that ever becomes a thing. The voice in the beginning is actually me. No, I don't sound very deep at all. I used Audacity to speed up and tone down my voice. I made all the backgrounds on Blender in 10-15 minutes. I'm still new to modeling. Also, the 3D "dancing" Toshi model used a model I made back in Summer 2017 and then squashed a dancing animation on it. It didn't look too good, but I thought it was funny, so I saved it for later use if I needed it. If you need to see how the dancing animation looks without using a broken model. Here it is. (This isn't from me.)

I need to learn how to model better... I also got another animation planned... Hopefully it will actually get finished.

SPOILER WARNINGS FOR: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Info: Talks about the ending and epilogue.

The final boss to SMD looked really cool, but the boss felt a bit... too easy. That didn't change how the ending felt like a stab in the heart. (And how shocking that it wasn't the player wasn't actually leaving, unlike in previous games.) The epilogue though? It felt too small and the ending to the epilogue just felt really dissapointing. It felt like the game just gave you your partner back and your partner is just like "howdy! o cool u saved me nice thx!" and I never felt really much of a connection like how the ending did it. They could've added a bit more emotion during that scene and it would've felt a lot better. I want to play the game again, but theres little story left so... what's the point?

Spoilers for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon end here!!
You can read now.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for Switch when?? I would probably actually buy it if it wasn't as bad as Gates to Infinity. I still can't believe they would actually put out paid DLC for that game. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon actually sorta renewed my interest for Pokemon a bit. I haven't played a main Pokemon game since XY/ORAS, so I'm taking a jab at USUM. It's alright so far. It gets kinda repetitive at some parts but it's not too bad.

I also decided to play my Wii U after an entire year of not actually playing it. Last time I fully played a game, it was in Feburary 2017 to play one last Splatoon match before Splatoon 2 came out. I turned it on in November 2017 just to check on Miiverse before the service shut down but I was too late to check it on Wii U and then played around in the Splatoon lobby to see the last cached Miiverse posts. I'm surprised that there's a pretty good amount of people playing on Wii U games online, knowing how mega dead the Wii U is. I went on Splatoon now and I got into a match fast and I got into a Mario Kart 8 lobby full of people. I still never faced a hacker just yet.

I got Explorers of Sky (totally legit i bought it yup) on it again after beating the main story 3 years ago. It's more fun then how I remembered it, and I'm already halfway through the game. But Virtual Console on Wii U feels kinda weird. As someone who played tons of 3DS VC, it feels different because of how it handles save data in the game your playing. I never once played a VC game on my 3DS with save data, and I never thought restoring a restore point would rewrite your actual save data with whatever the restore point had.

I'm not saying that cause I just lost my entire save, I just accidently restored a point which made me go back a dungeon. Nothing that bad... Yeah... Hmh... (cough) Yeah, that dungeon was kinda painful...

So I finally decided what I'm going to do with the terribly unused Monster Hunter page. I was thinking of turning it to a misc. games page. What I mean is, some games really don't have that much to score/brag about. Maybe it's just like 1 score and that's it. They don't really deserve their own page, since it's going to be empty and rarely ever updated. So, I can't really put it in the site. Games like Full Tilt Pinball only has 3 things to score on and it's nothing else. So, why not just put them all in one tidy page and we're all done!? What are your thoughts?

Also, remember when I talked about my old site in the last blog post? Well, I decided to go back to the computer which had all my old sites and... I found a more updated version of a site I never backuped! There's no layout changes or that. But there's more pages and has more blog posts then what was previously saved. It's full of 2015 me! I love it! I used to do a nuzlocke randomizer on Pokemon Ruby during that time and I did tiny comics. They look like complete trash compared to my recent drawings. I drew those things in... MS Paint.

This was a really long blog post. I liked writing it! But for now, see you soon!

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