April 26th, 2018

Hello world!! The site passed up 4,000 views!! Thank you!!

Also, there were some small site map changes. I threw out the Monster Hunter page because there was no content on it and there never were anything to add on it. New York '02 left cause I didn't think it would be suitable for the site. I'll probably bring it back up if there's a demand...

...or if GameMaker tools for Switch get sent out for public indie devs.

I'm playing my Wii U a tad bit more than usual, I didn't touch my Switch for almost a whole week cause I'm just soaking up some of the games I missed out. I'm still on Wii U playing Mario Kart 8 online and it's still getting a bunch of players online! I don't own 8 Deluxe yet so this is a pretty great subsitute. I might not get 1st all the time, or at all, but it's still a fun game. I played Splatoon for a bit at times, but since Splatoon 2 is already out, I don't feel the need to play it much anymore. Also... hackers! Mmmm... I still go on it every so often to get some nostalgic memories of friends I made with it.

I finished the main story of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky again and I loved every second of it!! The main story felt more shorter than how I thought it would be, which kinda sucks. Took me only around 9 hours to beat the game. I'm stuck on the guild graduation, it's going to take forever to actually level up to beat it in a single try. I'm playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team now, but I don't expect to get too far into it now that... After that, I'm probably never going to touch my Wii U again.

Splatoon 2 version 3.0 is out! I don't know what I expected but I guess I was hyped for Rank X? I'm stuck on A and S for every mode and I can't escape S hell from here. S+ 1-9 is going to be torture. Getting to S was already stressful enough. I can't count the times I wanted to break my controller hearing the cracks on my rank bar. It never shattered when I was on a ranked mode for an entire day, oddly enough... I want to be rank X just to look cool, but if you don't play ranked much for a month, I'm pretty sure it could have a chance of just kicking you back to the S+. I don't think I would be playing X ranked matches in a very happy mood if I know I'm getting pushed around by meta weapons. Hey, if you can't beat them... join them.

Also, Nintendo Labo came out recently! No, I didn't buy it. Parents would probably chew it out as a scam. I've seen what people did to it on Twitter and stuff and it looks really amazing!! At first, I saw people make some tunes with the piano, then locking mechanisms, and some cool designs they did. But then a day later, I literally saw people recreating Game & Watch games! It looked fantastic with their custom overlays on!

Here's a tweet on someone reproducing Fire!

I got to play Dead Heat Breakers! Well, the Japanese version anyways. Biiig mistake. I don't understand too much but I know a tad bit to just get by. The game looks pretty good on a 3DS screen. I played it for so long, I forgot to do my homework for the day. Oops!

I'm very sorry this took more than 10 days to write!! I could've not procrastinated but I did. See you soon!!

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