April 3rd, 2019

Just like last year's blog post, spring break has started again. I actually have things to do that isn't homework now!

If you checked my Splatoon page, I was Level 99 and was Rank X on all of the ranked modes! It took some time and some desperate methods, but I managed to finally show off my "skills!" I celebrated for a minute and checked in with Judd to give me Level 1*. As of writing this, I'm halfway of Level 1*. I'm kinda slow because I need a break from the game for a while. I'll probably pick it up later this week.

Finally, Goodwill actually has something now. I might've talked about how I bought 2 VHS-C tapes from a Goodwill a month or two ago, but I don't have an adapter or a camera to actually utilize it. During a trip, I went in the Goodwill known for having absolutely nothing and found something! A JVC GR-AX70U! According to the label, it was manufactured in May of 1994.

I can't find a manual on this online, even JVC's official manual site doesn't even have it listed. I'm still learning what this thing can do. From what I've recorded and seen, this camera is actually pretty cool. This will probably be the final camera that uses tapes I'll buy.

That's not all of what I picked up at Goodwill, I went back a day later and found a white DS Lite that was in pretty great shape. There was some dirt on the top and such, but I scraped it all off and now it's pretty presentable. I'm not going to install something like flashme on this.

Aside from those, I also picked up a few 8mm and VHS-C tapes along with 3 unopened floppy disk boxes.

If you remember a blog post from almost a year ago, I had a random TV box in my house that I decided to setup for my projector. It still works and I no longer have to wait for a failed update. I had the idea of putting shows on one of my VHS tapes, but I probably won't seeing how Goodwill is starting to look kinda dry in terms of blank VHS tapes. I only have 3 unused ones left, which is frightning. Prices for more on eBay are way too much. I checked Amazon too and last time I saw, you can still pay $40 for 4 tapes that aren't even that good.

Also, a little update on that TV box. It's apparently way too old to load the Weather app. I can swap the box for a newer one for free, but I don't want to. The prompt tells me that it only supports HDMI out and my projector doesn't have this input and I don't wanna buy a converter. There's also this Xfinity Stream thing that now exists. What it does is in the name, basically streaming what's live on TV on a PC or smartphone. I like the idea, I'll definitely use it, but it doesn't feel the same. Though I was kinda surprised when I found out about it. TV really has changed when I last actually sat down and watched something a decade ago.

Speaking of being behind on TV stuff, what the hell was the point on Nintendo TVii?

I didn't talk about this in the previous blog post, but I was sure I did, was that I hopped back on my Wii U to play some good ol' Splatoon. I got curious and checked my Friends List and only like 4 people still go on their Wii U. It's either to watch some YouTube or just browse the Internet. I know that a lot of people can't really afford Switch consoles, but it's more or less how I remember so many people being logged on at once, splatting everyone up in Splatoon. I remember sitting on my Wii U and having the sounds of the lobby playing while I get the lowest score in the match.

Anyways, I've been thinking of doing another Toshi cartoon. I originally wanted to do one after Disco 1.0, but I just felt lazy and hanged it up. I do have an idea where Toshi just goes around a warehouse and finds something stupid, but I haven't put too much thought on the stupid part. An idea might grow soon, just not now.

Remember that GBC dandelion shell my brother ordered last post? It arrived and we has some trouble putting it together, but we finally finished. Compared to the old case I had, it looks kinda bootlegged. Example being that letters spelling out Color is all seperated. It hurts to look at, but I guess I'll deal with it.

I was trying to print something earlier today and the printer would refuse to check my ink cartridges properly. It first started to say my black ink had some ink in it, then always said it was dried up. Wanna know what had a bunch of ink? The yellow cartridge, which I put on a paper to test it out and it was so full of ink, it didn't put anything on the paper! The printer market is anything but a joke. Take care everybody!

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