May 18th, 2018

Hello everyone!! It's been a while since an update with actual things in it... sorry!! I'll get back on it!!

I actually haven't touched my Wii U other than to play WarioWare: Smooth Moves. I've been slowly working my way pass Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. However, I'm still stuck on Articuno. I struggled with Moltres. I don't think I can beat this one until I somehow get this really wacky strat or I grind super long. I don't want to grind super long cause that's boring!!

May currently has a 4 way Splatfest! At the end of the week will be the final Splatfest for the month. I don't watch TMNT at all. I don't ever remember anything of it other than there being turtles and a rat. What a great description from me. It's going to be summer really soon which means I get to play more Splatoon! I'm getting back into the game, and it's starting to get much more fun! My ranks are now entering the S and S+. S+ is kinda difficult cause you don't know whos S+0 and who just dropped out from Rank X. I know I'm going to get beat up, big time.

I made a Splatoon 2 montage which kinda sucks. Go watch that if you want. I made it up cause I'm getting kiiiinda better at Splatoon. Or my weapon is just over powered. If it's the latter then that would really crush me. I'll make it better once I start recording more footage of Splatoon 2. I'll probably see if I can get some squid parties going. I need some good video editing skills since what I just made isn't doing too much for me.

Also, there's been a pretty fun Mario Odyssey glitch. In Metro Kingdom, there's letters in the park which you can capture. If you align letters just right, ride the motorbike onto one of the letters, and then capture the letter with the motorbike and move out, the letter gets pushed out of where it's suppose to be. You can make it go through cars if you leave in the street while uncaptured and then recapture it and move a tiny bit and WOOSH! You will zip so fast, you will hit the boundaries of the map before you die. Or, if you're lucky, you can land inside a building model! This glitch doesn't work for Balloon World since the letters aren't spawned during hiding. Sucks.

I've been working on a sorta new layout for the site. It'll probably be done in 2019. I'm having trouble with the same thing I had when making this one. I'm not letting that pass by this time though. Have a REALLY incomplete image of what I got done for now. The home page is just FULL of information.

Right click and view the full image if you can't see well.

I mean... because it's VERY incomplete, expect many changes from that one image. The banner on top is just for testing the banner randomizer again.

I'll get back on in a bit! See ya later!

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