May 26th, 2019

Finals have wrapped up! Summer break has finally started! That was super tense and I hated it but atleast I'm finally out of school! I go back to school on my birthday which is probably something not to look forward to!

Splatfest came and went before I almost took a chance to even play. A day before I was trying to see when it would start, then I went to bed. I woke up and there wasn't even any time to play for me. I got up to Fiend and stopped. The Shifty Station's gimmick was the popsicle lookin' things I forgot the name of but it was kinda fun to use and kinda scary at the same time since you didn't know when one will launch in your face and obliterate you. It was also pretty cool to use incase the other team started getting closed in the spawn point.

I watched Detective Pikachu and it was a pretty good movie. The Pokemon looked pretty cute for what they are. I will admit that there are a few parts where the movie drags but I overall enjoyed it. I didn't care about the cards you get when you go watch it since I know nobody who knows how to play any TCG properly. That didn't stop me and my brother trying to play a match using our entire deck that lasted 2 hours.

The movie also renewed a tiny bit of interest for Pokemon. So, does that mean Ultra Sun is done now? No, I just went and played Black 2. Black 2 is so much fun and doesn't drag. I just obtained the Jet Badge and spent around 4 hours on the game. My team isn't anything to note other than the fact that I might need to start grinding cause I didn't bother thinking about the Dragon gym.

Mario Kart Tour's beta testing thingy came out a while ago and I wasn't accepted in, but someone on Twitter posted a link to a Google Play link which asks you if you wanna become a tester. It worked for me and I was able to install Mario Kart Tour. I sent it to a few people but some people got errors stating that the application wasn't avaliable for testing or something else.

wait, can i even talk about this?

Anyways, I got the game running and aside from my phone not running it at full speed, it's a pretty good game. It's not an endless runner or anything, it's straight up Mario Kart for your phone. Though they did shove in some of the obvious mobile elements like Gacha and made the controls use the touch screen. The controls are pretty weird at first, but I adapted to them sooner or later. There is also gyro controls you can enable but I never bothered to try it.

I played Touch My Katamari for the first time today and it's terrible. The game ran at like powerpoint frames per second, the levels are super boring, and controlling the Katamari is so frustrating. The later levels which are supposed to feel big feel so empty. Me and My Katamari had levels that had a lot and somehow put that into the PSP. The controls feel so restrictive. Moving is such a chore, by the time you move an inch, the level's over.

So uh... I don't like TMK at like... all. I'll update my scoreboards when I beat the game but that'll be in 2104.

I recently got this PSone for around 48 dollars. It works much more better than my SCPH-7501 model and it's also chipped with a MM3 modchip. I hope to find one of those LCD screens you can get with the thing. They're over 80 bucks on eBay and I'm not paying thaaat much. Especially when most have broken hinges, what's with that?

It's summer break now! I have all the time in the world to finish what I didn't and upload it here for once! That does include the two Soshi articles I'm still not happy with right now and that one animation I'm still planning I have no idea what to do with so I dunno 'bout that but... yeah. I'll see you next (this?) week with something else cause I accidently missed the due date by a day. Oops.

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