May 4th, 2019

Spring break is over! I forgot what my school looked like! I'm way too lazy to work on anything! Winter break ruined me! I'm sorry for not updating the site! I'll talk about it in a bit!

I lost my X rank on Tower Control literally last week! I'm inching my way back to X but I'm more focused on the intense matches in the other modes. I should probably start making some more videos, even if recording has to make a mess on the floor.

Splatfest came and went with Hare vs. Tortise. I had a lot of fun with it! The Shifty Station level was pretty unique. There's a platform in the middle of the stage that goes behind a wall as time passes, never to be inked again. It saved my butt a few times. There was one match I had where the enemy team was very close to gaining control of our base, but the match ended and the ink from the "printer" saved us by a few percent.

I wanted to play until I got leaderboard tier Splatfest Power but I stopped at 2350 cause I started getting tired. After the Splatfest, there were people at 2600, so I guess I'm at like ~2,000th place.

Nintendo revealed a new Labo set for VR! I'm not really a sucker for VR technology, but I guess some games are going to use this set way more than the others, even if the thing doesn't even have a headstrap. They showed off Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild putting VR to use. Mario Odyssey seems weird as it looks like you just stand there watching Mario and Breath of the Wild is just if you wanna look at the game more closer.

Just imagine some really bloody game for the Switch asks you to put the system in the VR headset, that'd look unfitting seeing how childish the thing looks.

Also, I played around with Joker in Smash Ultimate. It was pretty fun and I kinda wanna play Persona 5 again. Persona 5 Royal info also came out! The game is apparently going to have a longer story this time, but it's only out for PS4. I hope for a Switch annoucement soon since PS4 doesn't really have my type of games on it that are worth a purchase.

I was an idiot and didn't put photos of the GBC I was talking about last post, but here's some photos on how odd the thing looks. I know it was pretty cheap and you get what you pay for but atleast make it look like the real thing.

A noticeable difference is the spaced lettering in the Color logo and the non-existant copyright data in the back. The copyright data is there, however, you have to squint to see it. The Nintendo logo on it looks like Times New Roman or something.

Speaking of Nintendo consoles, I should stay away from money. I bought a DSi LL and a copy of Daigassou. This will finally be the last damned purchase I make for a while.

I finally have a DSi that isn't like 60% broken now. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that the blue DSi from the MKDS thing I did in Feburary had a blue tint on the top screen, a broken microphone, and a broken L button. This has a little dent on the top screen but it's easy to ignore.

I am far from dead. I am working on stuff to make this place exist but there is only 3 weeks of school left. I am very sorry for not catching up on updates so far this year... What do I have planned though?

May is the final month of school! The school is pushing all of us to learn for finals, so there might be a few times I can poke a few updates in here. Once school is done, I will make this website alive again with all my dang blood. My family have planned a trip to go to Mexico. If we ever travel around the country, I'll try capturing (probably poor quality) pictures which don't have my face on them. There are also two Soshi Games articles I'm currently writing at the moment which will probably feed into May, a few art pieces I haven't uploaded yet, some more banners, and a Toshi animation I just started planning for. I hope to get a lot of these out in May, else, expect it all in June.

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