May 5th, 2018

Hello everyone!! It's been a while since an update with actual things in it... sorry!! I'll get back on it!!

I'm playing more of Blue Rescue Team and I got very far from last post, but I'm stuck on Articuno. Wonderful!

Recently, a family member picked up a Japanese laptop with Windows 95 already installed! It looks cool and tiny. But the problem... It's protected... with a BIOS password. We could crack it open with a sliced up printer cable, but we need to buy an extra docking station for the PC and that's pretty expensive so we probably won't ever get it to start. My brother did connect the HDD into a desktop PC and confirmed it did have Windows installed. He disconnected it immediatley to prevent the hard drive from having the pins ripped (It's a special type of disk) and keeping the OS from installing things specific to the desktop.

Speaking of buying things, I got a Sega Genesis AC adapter now! My old one broke in the most weirdest way possible. I woke up one morning, saw the AC adapter just lying on the floor, picked it up, and the wire connecting to the box plug just ripped out. It was pretty freaky and I didn't even know how it happened. I swear I had it connected. I got the thing working again and I played for a few hours. I never really knew how terrible the video the first model outputs. The video looks EVEN WORSE with my Elgato connected. But hey, atleast it works. I'll probably check what's going on with my Elgato soon.

I want a Sega CD or 32X... but when I think about it... I'll only play 2 games.

It's getting warmer where I live. I complained about the cold weather just a week ago! Now it's getting pretty hot and I really want it to go back down. It's very uncomfortable when the sudden change from 15 degrees fahrenheit to 80 degrees fahrenheit. It's not that bad, yes, but I went to Mexico for vacation many times. It was around 100 degrees fahrenheit there and it was UNBELIEVABLE.

There will be more updates!! See you soon!!

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