June 21st, 2018

E3 has just finished! (aka a week ago.) It felt very short. This E3 wasn't too good. Xbox's conference felt a little different (nice exclusives) and actually had a lot of pretty cool lookin' stuff. Sony really lacked. Their presentation came and went pretty fast. They only revealed like... 5-15 games? Pretty lackluster. Nintendo wasn't too good either. (Not counting Smash, obviously.) They revealed not much games that interest me. Smash was pretty much the only thing that saved that presentation. I was really invested in the Splatoon Tournament and holy heck I was surprised as the audience when Octo Expansion was announced to a released literally the next day. I was dying and kept on searching for updates on Splatoon 2 just for it. Also Fortnite. I don't even know how to play.

Octo Expansion was super fun the entire time I played it. It took me a while to 100% but I did it. Everything about it was super cool! The 8-Ball stages were fine, just super slow. The girl power stage was hell. I only passed that one by sheer luck. I got the Golden Toothpick at the end. The boss to get that was difficult, but I found out how to get past the first 3 phases in only like 10 seconds. The final Any% boss was spectacular and I love the new music they added to this game.

Sorry this took a little bit more than soon. Stuff was happening last week and wasn't fun.

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