June 25th, 2019

It's mid June and I need to wake up for once! My sleep schedule is absolute garbage and I've been waking up at either 05:00 or 12:00! It's weird but I don't wanna fix it!

Goodwill actually had something!! I got some Donkey Konga Bongos and they work. When I was testing them out, I accidently plugged in the wrong controller and got a bit worried that they were broken. Turns out they weren't and used the bongos for all 3 games that used it. What a tad dissapointing.

E3 week came and went, so it's time to ramble about how I didn't even care about 80% of presentations!

I watched the entire Splatoon 2 tournament just in hope for an annoucement and we got the annoucement of Finalfest! It's Chaos vs. Order in Finalfest, and they're bringing back every past Shifty Station from the previous Splatfests. Since we know that the Callie vs. Marie Splatfests from Splatoon 1 influenced the story for Splatoon 2, we can assume with the presentation of this Splatfest that this will influence Splatoon 3's story. I'm not sure which side to choose because this Splatfest has divided everybody.

Nintendo's presentation was pretty OK for this year, so much better than what happened last year, I don't even remember what was announced for 2018! There was a handful of titles I had no interest in like Pokemon or Astral Chain. Those games are just uninteresting to me.

I kinda want to get Mario Maker 2, but I never played Mario Maker all that much. I might rent it to see how it is and will buy it if I really enjoy it. I know the multiplayer aspect will be such a cool feat.

Luigi's Mansion 3 looks super great. The graphics look like Mario Odyssey's and the Special Ghosts look much more expressive. I haven't played Dark Moon alot, but I ADORE Luigi's Mansion for GameCube. Even as much as to say it's one of the best GameCube games. There's also some extra moves Luigi can do like throw ghosts on the floor and use Gooigi and that looks really fun. It's coming out this year, but no date has been given yet. I'll most likely get the game. I really hope it isn't as lame as Dark Moon, not that Dark Moon was terrible, it wasn't as good as the original.

Finally, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I remember in E3 2018, I was up saying ACNL was old news and it would be announced on E3 and guess what we didn't get? I was so hyped for this trailer!! It didn't show all that much, but I LOVE Animal Crossing. I spent so much time on New Leaf and the GameCube version. You can finally place furniture outside, you can make dirt paths, and I heard from JVGS.net that villagers can move in where you want them to be at. Also, 8 players at an island at once! I'm really want the game now, but they delayed it to March 20th, 2020. The section they showed during the trailer and during treehouse was a very small fraction and I'm hoping there's SO much more to be seen. For now, we have to rely on Nintendo Directs.
I really need a bigger SD card, I only have a 4GB in my Switch. I have 100MB left on my System Memory and 400MB left on my micro SD card.

Also on Treehouse, they accidently showed the Switch DevMenu icon live!

They have set some icons to be the default developer icon and I guess my favorite game was New Super Lucky's Tale_May 31 2019 18... This isn't anything big by any means since we already have access to DevMenu but it's funny. I also heard that this wasn't the first time they goofed up...

Aside from Treehouse, I was playing Donkey Konga and remembered my Animal Crossing town was still a thing on my memory card! I haven't played it since late 2014 or early 2015 because I bricked my Wii that I was playing on. I don't have a legit copy of the game or any way to backup the save, so it was stuck on my memory card... waiting to be loaded once more. Until I remembered that I got a new Wii and finally loaded it up.

Starting off, you go to the dump. This mess is as big as the acre!

I didn't care about a perfect town because I didn't know there was a feature until now. Here, you have a limitless supply of stationary, furniture, garbage, and oranges. Tons of oranges.

The trash continues below...

I had my brother move in and someone named Angela I made so I could use that character for more storage space. Speaking of storage, let's go inside my house.

Inside, you will see my 100% legit NES copies that I totally didn't use a password generator for and some other furniture I grabbed from the dump.

Here's my basement. Loads of frogs. If I can remember, I used to have so much frogs, but I sold some for some extra cash for some reason. That or I think I transferred it to Angela.

Below is my top floor, I tried getting a little classy look to it. Else there is nothing to note here.

My store was left at Nookway and I attempted to have some greenery which likely didn't make a difference because of the leftover shirts.

My town tune. I didn't make it and I don't know what the song is.

That was a quick overview of my town. Didn't talk about it much because I didn't have time to setup my Wii to a TV and had to play off a delayed output from my Elgato. I will probably make a more indepth video on it way later, but I'm not sure there's enough content for one.

I wonder if I should also make a post on my ACNL towns. One from 2013-2016 and the one I currently have.

Anyways, that's it for today. I'm working on somethings to keep this site alive for the time I'm on vacation because I will be going around a lot and internet will be slow or nonexistant. I hope you can understand this. See you next week, hopefully.

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