June 7th, 2018

It is June now! 2018 is going by so quickly. It feels like March was only a 1-3 weeks ago. Can you believe that we're almost 50% done with the year?Summer Break started a few weeks ago and I really needed this. School was tough. I passed all of my finals though. That's pretty chill.

I turned my original Xbox to a debug kit recently. I've been trying out some sample demos on it and plan to atleast TRY making something. Probably not gonna end well. Other than that, there's a lot of demos on the SDK that I cannot find compiled anywhere on the net. I should try doing an indepth video on them along with the compiled demos with them. I already compiled more than 50% of them.

I played the Mario Tennis Aces demo and it was sorta frustrating and fun too. It's really fun when you aren't in a match with someone with a REALLY bad connection. I overlook that you can check their connection before the match and decline matching up with them. The input lag gets really atrocious with low connection players. I lost almost every match with them, I swear!

I also snatched a pretty cool projector for only $6 at a Goodwill. The lightbulb seems pretty OK and I probably won't have a need to replace it anytime soon. I hooked up some old consoles to it just cause and played it for a few hours. I also plugged in my literally never used PS3 to it and played Persona 5... on a 480i screen. It was kinda fun, and kinda weird.

There's also my old PC from 2016 hooked up to the projector. The projector only supports video up to 800 by 600 pixels, so it's a tiny downgrade. It also has my old site from then! More on that in a few months.

It's really weird having a broadband cable go to your basement. I have an Xbox Wireless Adapter, but I don't have an AC adapter for it. It supports WEP, but with a simple hack, you can make it support WPA. But my router uses WPA2. I wonder if I can make it happen... Only with an AC adapter. Actually, I might have it. Just lost. Obviously, it's not the one included with the thing, just one probably from a house phone. I remember in 2016 plugging it in to my PC. It's probably in this giant box full of cables... which then everything is tied to hell.

I reached level 50 on Splatoon 2! Getting past 100,000 EXP is taking longer than it should be. I also heard people are starting to toxicate the game with hacked weapons. Really blows since I'm literally 50% of getting Level 1(00). Hopefully, Nintendo can catch them in their tracks and ban them. Getting to Level 1* is going to be a trip.

iQue games recently leaked to the net and I tried some of them on my N64. Obviously, they don't save cause somewhat different hardware. I tried Mario Kart 64 and a few and... really... what can you say? It's the games in Chinese. Star Fox 64 on the other hand... voices! Those hurt to listen to but... voices!

E3 is coming close! I can't wait! I'll probably tune to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo for sure. I don't know what I should expect, but It's probably gonna be things I don't care about but will still hype for anyway. Don't forget Soshi Games will participate in E3 2539!

That's all for today. I've been kinda busy with stuff but It should be good now. Really sorry for the almost month of nothing. I'll write something up after E3 is over. See you next week! Or tomorrow I don't know.

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