July 12th, 2020

To be really honest, I'm sorry. I thought the last blog post was in November, but apparently I didn't even upload that one! In this blog post, I'll recap what happened in that post, all the way till now. I'm so sorry you guys had to wait half a year for a new post. I stopped working on the site because of a medical incident and I just forgot about the site. I'll keep trying to work on this site, as I plan to have a lot of stuff ready on here. That and I'll do some layout changes for some smaller pages.


This blog post was pretty unfinished... This was apparently supposed to go up on the 4th.

The package is finally here and it took like 3 weeks but it's finally here! I bought Atomic Purple Game Boys and Camera, Pocket Monsters Blue, Pop'n Music GB, and Super Donkey Kong. In total, it costed around $40 and I really like the purple colors. The batteries on the Pocket Monsters Blue cartridge isn't dead yet and I backed up the save on it just in case. (If you're wondering, the Pocket Camera did not have anything saved for obvious reasons.) I'll take that dude's Charizard when I get the chance.

I took the chance to buy an N64 Transfer Pak so I could backup my games. This thing was bulkier than I expected and feels even weirder when it's connected. With this, a flashcart, and really not-so-good software, I dumped my savegames. I had a really hard time dumping my Pocket Camera. Initally, it wouldn't read the thing even though Mario Artist used it just fine. Later, the software recongized it but would only let me dump the ROM! I found out I had an outdated version that was so widespread, finding the version that DID support the Camera was kinda tricky. Even then, it took a good 30 minutes for the thing to see the Camera! I did end up dumping the save, took forever!

While we're on the topic of Game Boy stuff, I decided to sit down and finally play my copy of Pocket Monsters Silver and Blue. I have some Pokemon that can only evolve when traded but I don't have a link cable or another Transfer Pak. I caught a Mew on Blue using no glitches at all! I'm just that good at the game...

Goodwill finally decided to have things! A few weeks ago, an AGS-101 was up for sale for a fat $15! It was in mint condition and obviously had that backlit LCD screen... That's not all either! A few days ago, I bought a complete copy of Mario Paint for the SNES! It was $30 but there was so many other boxed SNES games and even a whole ass boxed SNES itself! The SNES was $140 so I didn't bother getting it and the other games were like $25 so I just bought Mario Paint since I had more interest in that.

The mouse pad is in there too. Along with some Power ads!

The backlight with the disgusting flash enabled!!

The backlight with the disgusting flash disabled!!

I bought Luigi's Mansion 3 and it's an insanely good game! I love the visuals and the fluid controls. I can't decide what would be my favorite floor... I liked the movie floor along with the final few floors... but I can't put my finger on it. I hated the Egyptian floor a lot, that was kinda bull to play through. I do have my issues with the game and it's only about the last boss so...

SPOILER: Luigi's Mansion 3 final, last, like ending boss

It's BORING!! I finished Helen Gravely and that was such a worrying fight and it was fun. King Boo was insanely boring though. It's just jump and use their tounge and repeat. That is not fun at like all, it's super lame and really breaks the unique ways to defeat the bosses. I hope I'm wrong as I didn't bother to finish the fight.


I preloaded Pokemon Shield. The game is 9.6GB and I'm pretty sure I only have Splatoon 2 update data on my system. That kinda sucks but games are getting bigger and bigger as time goes on so I should have expected this. That aside, I hope all the negative things I'm hearing about the game is untrue... I get why people are so upset about them cutting majority of the Pokemon and moves, those are the only real things I'm kinda down about. I'm not gonna go on about this subject as I don't really care that much but I hope they do fix this up later.

I bought a Super Game Boy online and apparently it's coming in like mid-December? That's odd.

The Super Gameboy didn't even come in December. It came on the 14th of November. Amazon is weird with guessing.

December to Present

I didn't mention the fact that I played Pokemon Shield. It's a game with Pokemon!! It was a pretty mediocre experience to be fair. Everything looks so... desaturated and sad. The gameplay was, no doubt, Pokemon. I liked playing the game and my friends helped me complete my Pokedex, but jeez, I really do not like how the game looks. I won't get the DLC cause playing Shield filled my Pokemon appetite enough. Currently, I'm just trying to make a whole team full of Zigzagoons and that's going not that well.

By complete luck, I found my first shiny Pokemon though! When I was trying real hard to hatch Zigzagoon eggs for a shiny, I was out completing my Pokedex and accidently found a shiny Morgem! I caught it without hesitation and now it sits unattended on my PC. I captured a video of it too!

I had a little round trip to Goodwill around late December and found a Sony SVHS SLV-R1000 player! I got it for $8 and it was obviously broken... The thing about these Sony players is that a specific blue gear dies overtime, and that is what exactly happened. I bought a new gear and replaced it. It worked fine... until it started to eat tapes. Yeah, I kinda screwed up the timing on it so that happened. I'm hoping I can somehow fix it later but I don't really think I can. Kinda sucks, but VCR mechanics are just way too complicated for me.

I got Ring Fit Adventure around this time. It's a pretty fun game. I have been trying to play it every now and then. It's difficult cause then I take a day break and just forget about it. It's really fun and I've been hitting times as high as an hour, which is pretty high for someone who really doesn't do that much excersise.

A store I go frequent has listed a regular Famicom! I bought it when it was sold for $43. It is not modded, completely vanilla, so I have to deal with a low quality RF out. I have to use channel 93 to actually play the thing. Luckily, all TVs I own aside from 1 goes that high. I bought Super Mario Bros. along with it, but I should've bought more. The store has to rely on a pretty steep FedEx shipping fee for now, which sucks.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out around this time. I played it and I really hope they add so much more later. The game feels pretty barren, but I see that they're adding a buncha stuff for the seasonal updates. My town isn't the best looking, I was extremely dumb and picked the worst place for a plaza. I'll probably add more, but I haven't touched it for 2 weeks. I need to get on as they just added swimming!

It makes me miss Animal Crossing: New Leaf honestly. I played that game for months and I still don't get bored with it.

I bought a Dreamcast for around $60. It came with the console, controller, VMU, and the cables. The seller was also nice enough to give me some new CR2032 batteries for the VMU! They put it in the VMU though, so they were almost dead when the package arrived. I haven't replaced it for a while and I love the screaming noises of my VMU while turning my Dreamcast on! I have not looked up if it was possible to deattach the VMU speaker, I swear!

Anyways, yes, it is the Dreamcast with MIL-CD support, so I can listen to my J-Pop idols with a Dreamcast and not use the MIL-CD functions as an exploit to play free demos! :) The seller even gave me a legal copy of Crazy Taxi! I think it's a very rare copy too! It says CD-R on the disc! What was SEGA doing with CD-Rs?

I should probably screw around and get a Raspberry Pi to get online. I am not going to waste $90 on a broadband adapter, but I'll waste $90 on literally anything else. :P

Here's a fun photo of all the CR2032s that have died while serving for the PocketStation or the VMU.

I scored a CRT TV for $5. It's a Sony 27FS170. It's really heavy, like 100 pounds, way heavier than I imagined it would be. It has composite, S-video, and component input. I tried out my PS2 on it and it looks absolutely amazing on it.

It also comes with it's own faults, It has bending in some areas! I don't really care that much because it was cheap, but it's pretty noticable. I haven't screwed around with the service menu yet, as I don't think it'll cause too much of a difference. For now, I just like the pretty video output.

I took a trip to Goodwill around late June and expected nothing, but I found a damn computer. I think Goodwill accepts computers, but doesn't sell them unless they go under refurbishing from another company. This completely avoided that, I guess they thought it was a router, but I don't blame them. I shouldn't put my nose all over this computer but I did... nothing too crazy, just a family PC.

It's open because I was trying to install RAM. This thing is pretty annoying to open.

I don't know what to use it for... It's an insanely weak PC. 1.5GB of RAM and an Intel Atom. There was a Scooby-Doo game installed on this, and it ran pretty badly. It's not even that taxing of a game, it's just a simple point and click. To be fair, there was a buncha bloatware on it, so maybe I should just do a clean reinstall.

A took another trip again later to a different Goodwill and I found this camera that irked me. It had a strap that had a Sony logo on it... I ignored it and came back a few days later. It turns out it was another Mavica! It's a FD-81! I bought it and it's decent. It has a switch to enable auto or manual focus and it's pretty fun to mess around with. It doesn't have Memory Stick support, so I finally have a use for most of my floppy disks for now.

Another thing about it is that it does not have a charger port. Sounds weird, but the thing was supposed to come with a wall charger where you would shove the battery into. Thankfully, the battery it uses is the same ones used by my main Mavica, so I can charge the battery with my main Mavica. The battery it came with was completely dead. It only lasted for 7 seconds and then stopped working. I had to use one of the batteries that came with my main Mavica for it to function. It blows that Sony don't make new batteries anymore, I think they only have one series of InfoLithium batteries still around, and they cost $80!

I went back there again later and they were selling a TRV33 MiniDV camera for $20! I was looking for one of these things for a while so I picked it up. At first, it was working fine... later, dots started to appear on the image and then it wouldn't play well with lights. I assume the lens is just screwed up. It sucks a lot, I might buy a replacement at this point but ehhh? I don't know if I should.

The fact that the camera is screwy is very disappointing. It bums me out thinking about it.

I tried out Spongebob: BFBB Rehydrated on Switch. It's a pretty fun remaster of a game I already enjoyed playing a lot. Though, my complaints are pretty universal. The game does feel unpolished. But for $30? That's pretty cheap for a pretty solid game. I haven't tried any of the new multiplayer or anything else that was new yet, I haven't played too far into the game.

The game runs alright on the Switch. I haven't tried it out on a PC or anything else, but I assume it runs way better than it does on Switch.

That might be it. A lot has happened since November, so I probably forgot something. Again, thank you for taking the time reading this and waiting for this update. I know it has been 6 months, and I really should've taken a lot less time making this.

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