July 27th, 2018

I went out of state earlier last week. Kinda fun, pretty short. Though I seen a few stores there with... questionable management. I don't think you should scream at a tiny girl if she's running. Especially if she's like 6.

I got a Sony Mavica FD100! It arrived when I was out of state but it's in my hands now! The quality is actually really great for it. Since it's a model which supports Memory Sticks, I tried seeing if it would support my 256MB Memory Stick I once found in a street, and it wouldn't see it. It came with a 32MB stick and I still haven't filled that one up yet. I filled up 3 floppy disks already though.

Also, I went to a few more goodwills. I bought a weird looking keyboard, an Xbox 360 controller, 25 pack of floppy disks, and a GBA link cable. The 360 controller is wired so I don't have to buy a weird adapter for my PC. The GBA link cable was only 50 cents, though it looked like it was missing a pin. Kinda thought it was not going to work, but it did. I used a bootlegged copy of Mario Kart: Super Circuit to test it. I don't know why I have it but it took drowning the cartridge in cleaning water to make it work. Also, prayers for my Luigi's Mansion disc. It's still dead.

I'm practicing charger in Splatoon 2 and geez, My aim really sucks. I got a few lucky shots but that's it. I'm slowly getting better though I could really use a different sub weapon. I'm not used to Splash Walls or Splat Bombs.

I recently beat a game that I have never beaten since I was a young little bab. Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. I thought the game was good cause I didn't know better. Soon, I realized why everybody says it's really mediocre. The levels either drag on, or the vehicles. I hate every vehicle in the game cause it's just so boring. Boy, the water stages were fun too. Yup, really fun and not slow at all. I didn't 106% because of obvious reasons. How can speedrunners finish that?

Speaking of completing games, I should finish PMD1. I don't know why I stopped. But after I finish the game, my Wii U is just wasted space now since I only brought it up to play PMD. Shame that I have to pack it away soon.

Summer break is almost over. I got less than a month left before I go back to school.

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