July 9th, 2018

Welcome to July! Jeez, I remember July 2017 like it was a month ago. Time really goes by fast!

I went to Goodwill yesterday and snatched a complete in box copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World and Super Mario 64 DS. Pretty basic games to get CIBs for but whatever. My old SM64DS cartridge lost its label so I guess.

I also own a complete in box copy of Tomodachi Collection. It still has the Club Nintendo code for registration. (Though it expired way before I even bought it.) My Animal Crossing: Wild World copy also has a My Nintendo code. (There's a link to redeem it, but it redirects me to Club Nintendo support page. So I guess it's early Club Nintendo?)

I bought Crash N. Sane Trilogy on release day for Switch. It's pretty fun, but damn is it hard. I haven't tried Crash 2 or 3 yet since I'm trying to do it in order, but that was probs a bad idea, oops. I hate The High Road. I know you can just go on the ropes on the side and just run, but sometimes you can miss jumping on it or just straight up fall off. Also, thank heaven for the finally removing the dying limitation for gems now. It's still there for colored gems, but you only have to bear with it a few times and its over.

I recently got to Level 62 on Splatoon 2, and finally got S+0 on all my ranks. Hopefully, I'll get to X sooner or later. See you on the top 50 people not on the leaderboards once I reach there! I can't wait for Level 99! Hopefully all of my EXP boosts will carry me there. I gotta play Salmon Run a lot more now.

I've been playing Space Channel 5: Part 2 a lot lately. I really enjoy it. I actually (yet again, legit. yup.) got the game on PC, PS3, and PS2. It's fun and the music makes it even better. Usually find myself repeating some cues at times.

I'm planning to build a new PC. This PC is starting to bite the dust. The hard drive is going to die and there's very little games which go over 30FPS. Making that Jung Rhythm TAS was a pain in the butt since the game would always run at a fast 15FPS. TAStudio slows things down even further so I usually got 9FPS to 13FPS. Even on GBA games, it does this. Embarassing.

Microsoft also ruined the Photos Viewer.

I tried a PC my brother just built out of the blue, and it only lasted 10 hours, until I made it sleep. It slept well, until I started sleeping. At 2 in the morning, it would turn on and then power off soon after. Mind you this is a small PC so dust builds up quick. The fan on every boot just SCREAMS so imagine hearing that a lot... at 2 in the morning. I unplugged it and went back to bed. That sleep goes over and it refuses to stay on for more than 5 seconds. Fun stuff.

Too bad that currently, the entire build is around $500-600. I have enough money to buy the CPU, motherboard, and hard drive... I guess. The Bitcoin explosion just had to happen when I actually needed graphics cards to get some games. When is it crashing?

I got TV hooked up to my projector. I found this old Xfinity TV box stashed in my basement. It took a while for it to get it up and running, but it works. Weirdest thing is though, whenever it turns on, I have to wait 20 minutes for it to install "updates." After that, it crashes and says something went wrong. All I have to do is just open diagnostics and close out of it and I get TV. It's hooked up to my VCR through composite so I can record shows. (I mean I could use the DVR in the house but whatever.) I would've used S-Video to get a better picture quality, but the TV box doesn't output S-Video. It has a FireWire connection, however. I looked it up and apparently it's for video output aswell? I don't know anything from this day and age which takes FireWire. Does that mean I could hook it up to my iMac G3 and record shows that way?

Ever since I got my hands on AC:WW, I actually have been wanting some more CIB games and even a DS lite. I'll try tracking one down at a Goodwill because they usually end up there for pretty cheap. ($10-$15!) I think I remember seeing a few there before. They were usually pink, but I'm gonna get one that isn't pink cause the pink looks reaally ugly. There are a few DS Lites on eBay for a pretty good deal of 50 bucks, but I'm not too sure on eBay. I don't want to be scammed.

Let's turn on hard mode; if it doesn't have the stylus, then it's no deal.

Speaking of DS, I have this DSTwo flashcart from 2014. It's starting to breakdown. If you drop it at a small distance, it shatters and you have to put it back together again. Getting it to detect is difficult, but it can happen. I don't want to replace it, but I think I have to soon. Not a lot of DS flashcarts are getting cheaper. The ones that are getting cheaper usually have a time limit until they don't work anymore.

I kinda want an old digital camera. Especially those Sony Mavica models which use floppy disks. I bought a lot of packs from Goodwill, so why not utilize all of them? I have SO many packs of floppy disks, it's kinda of a problem, but I don't care. I should hunt one down. Their prices on eBay are decent. But I gotta focus on my computer build! Aagh!! Man, finances suck.

Remember, The Room? My really terrible looking animation from mid-2017 which is a year old now. It's in Media if you wanna see it. I'm trying to remake a better room, but my 3D skills are super bad. I don't think they got any better. Here are some... untextured, uncolored, screenshots so far.

It's not gonna be flat shaded this time. If I can actually finish it.

Also riiight before I was about to upload this, news about Monster Hunter World for PC just decides to come out. August 9th. Wonderful I have no time to prepare.

Sorry for the long wait for this. I had some family events, got sick, and personal issues. I'll try getting back on track. I'm never letting this die!

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