August 13th, 2018

It's the last day of summer break. School starts tomorrow, and my birthday is in a total of 2 days!!

I got Sam and Max Season 3 after just pausing on the series a few years ago and never actually finishing it. I don't remember why, maybe I didn't get into it? But, what did you expect, it's running kinda slow on this PC. I wonder how bad it runs Season 1 and 2.

Speaking of computers, I just purchased some of my parts for the new PC build. I wonder what I STILL don't have, guess. But it's all going to arrive by my birthday so I can't wait!! I'll probably get the video card on christmas because I am not coughing up 4 billion for a video card... right now atleast. If no video card could be found, then I probably can't live on the motherboard's built-in video forever. I hope the video is atleast a TINY bit better than my laptop. Also, no more horrible keyboard anymore! When I got this laptop, the keyboard was REALLY messy. Apparently, this belonged to a factory, so I guess liquids spilled on it? Lousy workers spilling their lunches on it? I can't scrape it off too easily cause it gets under the keyboard and it just ruins everything. I think I'll keep the harddrive cause there's so much stuff worth salvaging. The only thing I'll miss from this laptop is the backlight keyboard. Though some lights started to wear out. One thing I want GONE is this mouse. My hand hurts so bad. I hope I don't need medical help...

yay king k. rool is in smash!!

I played some WarioWare Gold recently, and it's much more fun than I expected. When I originally got the game (probably know how at this point), the game loaded really slowly. Like, everytime you moved your cursor over to something else, the game would take 4 seconds to load. Don't get me started on capsule machine. If I took 1 capsule out, it would take 10 seconds to get one capsule. 10 capsules was a super fun wait time of a minute loading (probably randomizing) each capsule, then taking 10 seconds to load each capsule. I reinstalled the game and everything works really smooth now.


warioware gold: smooth moves.

I decided to get back into 3D modeling to model some mushrooms. I need to really get better at texturing since I'm sorta lost on what to do since I'm an idiot. I've been modeling nothing but mushrooms these past few days since they're something that looks like I can get behind. I posted one I was kinda happy with at Art.

As said before, school is only less than 24 hours. Summer was... OK at best. I'll attempt to keep updating, as I hope school doesn't punch me in the face.

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