August 15th, 2019

Hello! It's my birthday today! Nothing happened that much today, but I do wanna talk about some stuff! The photos here were taken from my new phone, but I forgot to charge my Mavica after my trip from Mexico and my power strip is overloaded so I can't really throw in the charger right now. But I will use it again!

Remember a while ago, I bought a widescreen monitor from Goodwill? Right after using that, I felt kinda sick from it and put it away. Now that I have quadruple the graphic power, I hooked it up as a second monitor! It does have input delay and that messes with me, but it's also a TV too! So I guess I can have a bigger display for my Switch so I can finally record footage off of it. It only supports up to 720p which gets 60fps on my capture card.

I also bought a Super Famicom around June. It did arrive when I was away, so I had a friend keep it until I was home. It does function well and this system feels so big in my hands... I bought Star Fox and Super Mario World. Super Mario World didn't arrive when this was written but oh well! Star Fox is pretty fun to play.

I also got a Google Pixel 3a XL. I hate how most phone review sites always assume you are able to shed thousands for a phone. Every review I saw for this phone always had "This budget phone is not as good as a Google Pixel 3." Well? It's a budget version... of course it isn't! Anyways, it's a massive improvement over my LG TP450, which I rooted right after I got my Pixel. This phone is pretty good, but if you aren't a fan of using Google's services, then I suggest this phone isn't for you. Gallery apps were replaced with Google Photos, Calender apps were replaced with Google Calender, so on and so forth. This phone thankfully has a headphone jack too.

Also, my high school has a little computer club, and we went to the basement.

Look at these iMacs! I remember playing Oregon Trail with the entire club 4 to 5 years ago on the blue tray loading iMac. I would take them home but I have no more space for another iMac.

What's even worse is the fact that this basement loves flooding. I'm not sure if these Macs suffered water damage, but the head of the club did say there were many things that, unfortunately, washed out.

If you were there 4-5 years ago, there was so much stuff, it was packed! It was obvious that many things were going to fall to the hands of water damage. I remember there being an iMac G5 there, though I do remember my brother saying the computer had bad caps. At one part, there was just a massive pile of old computers. While the place was dirty... very dirty... it does seem cool to poke around. Only 10% of the old catalog remains in the basement. The iMacs were lucky to survive, but right next to that was a bunch of CRT monitors on pallets. Those probably didn't survive. Now, the basement is full of shelves with modern Dell PCs. I hardly see any old PC in sight.

There was also a dead cockroach stuck on a board and we named them. I forgot the name but they're gone aswell.

Thinking about all of this makes me want another Mac. Mac Mini G4s are 40 bucks on eBay. I'll think about it. I heard it's possible to run a modified version of Mac OS 9 on them since they're normally not able to run the OS. The machine itself is pretty tiny too.

Guess I'm getting back to weekly updates? I dunno! Since school started, I can doze off and think of more stupid stuff to put up on this site. But man, am I tired! Mexico just ruined my entire sleep schedule and it wasn't wise to stay up all night before school started. Sea ya!

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