August 5th, 2018

10 more days before my birthday! 9 more days till I go back to school. Summer felt short.

I managed to buy Space Channel 5: Part 2 on Steam after playing over it 4 times on different systems. I dislike how the timing can get screwed over by simply pausing the game (example: the ending.) and sometimes, if you have a not so beefy computer (me) you might experience even the slightest lag, and the timing will get absolutely murdered, beaten, killed, and destroyed to the ground. I still play it because I don't want to wait for my projector to start up and turn off because it takes a while.

So I'm almost done trying to list a few components for my future PC, and I swear were video cards always this expensive? Did the bitcoin boom just raise the prices higher? I know they were usually the expensive part of a PC, but not this expensive! The ones I'm seeing are $200! Pretty sure they were less than that. I'll most likely use a hand me down, this is absurd. I also kinda want a wide screen monitor cause I'm so used to the screen on my laptop, but I need to go find one at Goodwill cause I'm not going to pay a lot of money for another screen, and what is worse, is that I need a new pair of speakers since the ones on my future PC has those speakers which you stick into the monitor on the bottom. Y'know, those budget Dell monitors you would see in most modern schools now.

Those speakers work way better than my laptop's, that's for sure.

I got some new WLKatamari scores, but I was playing it on the projector so I couldn't screenshot it. I tried getting a picture, but it was super shoddy. I know I sound like someone who unlocked Luigi on Super Mario 64 but I'm actually serious, heh.

Grainy because the projector is in my basement cause I have no where else with a flat wall to put it on. Also 80% of the lights are off, giving it this weird cursed feel.

I'm trying to get this no outline look to my art. I kinda like it, it makes it feel very cute. There's some I put up in Art. Check it out! I also reached to Level 70 on Splatoon! I'm on my way to get 999 on Salmon Run, but I'm stuck in 300. It's getting actually pretty difficult. I don't know if I'll make it. Please tell me there are checkpoints past 400 cause I heard there isn't. And I don't wanna waste 34 hours playing Salmon Run...

I've been going through some things I really don't want to talk about, and school is almost ready to start, but I'll keep up! I'll also post some more stuff closer to my birthday.

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