August 9th, 2019

Wow. I went to Mexico and that was the most boring 3 weeks I ever had. It wasn't like I was able to update the website or anything, the internet was insanely good. The internet speed was like 50 times the internet at home. I tested out every access point on my Switch and here's all the results.

Isn't it just wonderful? It had a built-in feature where it refuses to work with any other speedtest! Ok... enough joking, I couldn't even login to my friend list. I had a blessing at one point and stayed at a hotel for 1 whole day and it had pretty OK internet. Here's the test I made.

It's not much but Splatoon 2 liked it enough to work. I got as far as Order Queen. After that, I had finished my stay and had to leave back to No Internet Land. I was able to play M.C. Princess Diaries because the internet at the place I was staying for most of the trip was OK enough to download the latest stage rotations. It would've been really fun online, but I was able to get as far as the player setup before disconnecting.

After I came back, I had bought a new GPU to replace my current one. If you didn't know, the old GPU kept locking up my PC after playing games. It is a GeForce GTX 1660 that replaced my ATI Radeon HD 7770. I tested it out with a few games and they ran beautifully, and better yet, it didn't crash my PC when I was done!

One of these test applications I used was Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator that is in early development. I have Splatoon 2 downloaded so I tested it out with that and it runs at a max of 24FPS. It seems like not that much at all, but for an emulator that can't get a bunch done, it's insane how impressive it is. Aside from the obvious incorrect shading, the only glitch I found was that I was unable to swim in my own ink, making the tutorial impossible to finish.

If I was able to import my own save file, it probably would've chugged hardcore in the Square. Still, I was seriously impressed on how much this thing can do compared to a near decade old GPU I was using.

I also tried Cemu, which is a Wii U emulator. I played Splatoon on it at 60FPS at most and 40ish at worst. There are several graphic issues I have but it's very playable. I wasn't able to get much as it crashed after I used SplatHEX on it. I checked the log and it crashed after something relating to the network happened.

I also tinkered with Cxbx-Reloaded, an Xbox emulator. I didn't have any games on me but I had the dashboard laying around so I just installed that and ran it. It didn't run very good, at a max of 3 FPS and a low of crashing if I used HLE. I wasn't able to get past this Xbox Live prompt so I just left it at that.

I remember trying out a PS3 emulator with Katamari Forever and it ran pretty great on my old graphics card. I wonder how that is now, I don't have either downloaded at the moment so I'm unable to test.

Nintendo recently introduced game trials for Switch Online members which is pretty much just free game for a week. They started it off in North America with Mario Tennis Aces. I remember staying up for the tournament demo when it happened and I had some fun. I play the game now and I had as much fun as I did but it seems empty for a $60 game. There's still time in the trial so I'll just play a bit more. If there was just a tiny small bit of content, I would love Aces more than 64. I think they did end new content distrubution for Aces a while ago, or was that something else?

While at Mexico, I brought my PSone and decided to actually finish Gex 2 for once. I've been playing the game for years and never bothered to actually play past the first boss. I managed to do so after 6 hours of being confused and consulting a weird guide cause I'm stupid but I did it. My thumb has never felt this uncomfortable since I decided to play my Nintendo 64 for hours.

Speaking of the Nintendo 64, I should complete Gex 64 since it's much more shorter than Gex 2. When I was at Mexico, I thought of doing a Gex 64 TAS that 100% the game since the only Gex 64 TAS on TASVideos was any% and completed the game in around 30 or so minutes. Though the author of that TAS did know some tricks and I don't know any glitches useful for the N64 version.

I wonder how TASing is going to be now! Upgrading a PC really just opens your mind.

I've been dead for all of August for the reason of Mexico. I had to waste all my time taking care of that too much to actually do anything for the site. I brung my computer that I haven't touched for a year to work on this site but it became way too slow to do anything on, along with the fact that everything wanted to update with really bad internet and kept crashing the router. It was also really hot and there were mosquitoes everywhere murdering me. I might be out updating the site CSS to further make this site work on older browsers. Though I will be working on stuff behind the scenes. My birthday is next week and school starts in a few days so I might just get ready for a bunch of stuff to happen. I'll see you next week for sure!

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