September 18th, 2020

It was my birthday! Not writing something for 7 months changes you and now I'm trying to get back on track. It's funny cause I was gonna release this like last month but I forgot. School started and it's online so it's very, very fun. (It's not.) I hope all of you having been doing fine.

Goodwills have been getting a lot of stuff, but it's usually just broken stuff, pretty disapointing. My nearest Goodwill has just a lot of set-top boxes and boomboxes for sale. If you need a broken DVD player or some dirty iPod speaker, you can go there and find a million of them. I did find this Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S75.

If the 3.3 megapixel brag is anything to go by, this camera has a higher resolution then my main MVC-FD100 Mavica. At first glance, this camera looks way more complex. There's options to manually set the shutter speed and apeture. If you don't know what that is, I don't know either. I do know that adjusting the shutter speed can help remove those flashing black bars that appear on CRTs. This thing can also take photos up to 2048x1526, which is bigger than my Mavica and, embarrassingly, bigger than my 1280x1024 monitor.

Click the image for the full 3.3 megapixels!

The only drawback to such big pictures is the file size. The file size ranges from a megabyte to 2 megabytes. This camera was released earlier than my Mavica, which means it's also incompatable with Pro memory cards. My 32MB stick is used for my Mavica and my 8MB sticks can only hold 4-5 photos before they're full.

Also, look at this TEXT photo feature. It's on my Mavica too, but I just forgot about it. I thought it would make a cool ASCII conversion of the photo you took, but it just makes it really high contrast. It's main use is for taking pictures of documents.

For such a small file, it takes around 8 seconds to save a TEXT photo. This image is also 2048x1526 and it's only 95KB!

A bit similar, but look at this other MiniDV camera I got. It's a DCR-PC110! The PC series of digital Handycams were much more vertical. It was released a few years earlier than my DCR-TRV22, but has mostly the same features and some other stuff.

It's almost as big as my Mavica! The shape is so weird, the instructions have a section telling you how to hold it.

Unlike the TRV22, this has flash! It's not exposed at first, but if you press the button to take a photo, it jumps out!

It's a pretty good looking camera, kinda comfy to hold too. I think it's actually higher quality than the TRV22.

For anyone thinking this site is gonna turn into Alan's Cameras soon, it isn't. This is gonna be my last camera for a while now. I'll probably sell the cameras I don't really use anymore.

I got a PS4. I got this thing for buying consoles super late into it's life. I got the PS3 around 2012 and that was only for Katamari. I don't have games for it just yet but a friend let me game share with him. He has Monster Hunter World and it's been such a fantastic looking game. I have tried Fall Guys, it's pretty fun, especially with friends. I'm mostly looking forward for Crash 4, really good looking game even if it tries to wipe out The Wrath of Cortex out of existence.

I was really surprised the PS4 can record a really long 15 minute video clips, which can be extended to 60 minutes if the software supports it, compared to the Switch 30 second video clips. I've been missing out on some good stuff.

Another thing about Sony... I bought a PSone LCD. The screen does look alright and the speakers are okay. Aside from getting input from the PSone, they can also accept input from a 3.5mm video cable, meaning you can hook up another game console to if you wanted. It also has a multi AV out port so you can connect the PSone to a TV without needing to unscrew the attachment. It doesn't turn off the LCD though, so you're going to have the TV and PSone screen on at the same time. It's a bit annoying.

This reminds me of those Sega Game Gear TV tuners. I would want one, but the screens on those things suck. They remind me of this portable TV I recently got. I thought it would be kinda cool to just use as a quick joke, but the screen was just horrible. The screen was too bright and lowering it just made even worse. The thing also wanted 4 AA batteries, too much! I have a quick photo of what stuff looked like on it. Not bothering to find more batteries to get a proper photo.

Here's what should be the last thing about Sony in this post, but I just remembered aibo was a thing at one point. If you haven't heard of aibo, it's basically a really expensive robot dog made by Sony. They were a thing from the late 90's to mid 2000's when Sony stopped caring about them. Until recently in 2018, they made a new aibo and it's adorable and still expensive! These things are priced at $2,899! That's insane... Even if I did have the money to buy it, I wouldn't even be able to buy it. Illinois is the only state that this thing can't ship to. I have to miss out on the OLED screens used for eyes!

This got me interested in the older, less cute aibo dogs that came out before it. Turns out you can program stuff for them. There's a memory stick slot somewhere in the dog where you can just send an application to it. I can't really find a video of someone showing the proccess of sending an application to it. There's an application Sony made that can let the dog dance to certain songs. Here it is in action. Absolutely ridiculous. That's really all I can find on these things running external programs though. There's not really much videos on them. Remember, these things were really expensive when they came out. But that didn't stop these people from trying to make it swim. (Obviously it's in a plastic bag.) That thing is just so motionless, it's kinda funny.

I would love to talk more, but there's just almost nothing online about aibo... or maybe there's nothing to talk about to begin with.

I'm pretty sure I didn't mention this yet, but I'm probably reworking that one Jung Rhythm TAS I did as a joke and then suddenly became one of my most watched videos on my YouTube channel. I was gonna finish it, but I got lazy after I completed the game and never did for a few years. A month ago, the hard drive the TAS movie file was on died and now I have to recreate it from scratch.

I am still working on it. I did a few minutes up until the middle of level 3, but to be real honest, this is tiring. Gosh, I praise those who do TAS videos a lot. How do you deal with going back and redoing inputs? It's way too tedious for me. Have you seen TASvideos movie statistics for the longest movies on the site? A 10 hour TAS!? I pray for the author's soul. Do you think people actually watched that video? It's just a driving simulation after all.

Also, did you know that for whatever reason, the Intellivision TAS YouTube mirrors are at an 8K resolution? There's not a lot of Intellivison TAS movies on the site to begin with, why are they in 8K!?

I think this is the only platform to have 8K rendered videos. I think the other systems like it only have 4K. Still, 4K videos for a system from almost 40 years ago? Whaaaat?

Back on track, someone on my latest Jung Rhythm TAS said that there was moves during Ad-Lib that caused the screen to flash and maybe score extra points. I knew what they were talking about, just didn't know how to execute it. I found out how to from an old Japanese site. I'm not sure if doing them raises any scores yet. I already perfected level 1 and level 2, which wasn't different from my old TAS, so I can't say for sure. I'm hoping it helps with technique, since I can't get my hand on perfecting scores that well.

I seen the Mario Direct that came out a few days ago and it was pretty mid. I have hopes for the 3D World remaster they're doing, but that's about it. Most of the things looks pretty whatever. I personally think the $60 pricetag for the 3D All Stars is too high though. I'm not against the idea of them putting those 3 games on the Switch, I don't care if it's remastered or not, but at that price? Blehh... Especially for a digital limited release and an even limited physical release. There has to be a reason it's a limited time release though... right? They wouldn't throw out their work on a N64 and GCN emulator out the window like that... right? I don't know and I don't really care about replaying most of these games anyways.

That's it for today's post. Nothing too major for now. Hopefully whatever's been happening can end soon because it made me very lazy. I hope all of you had a good past few months since it's been very weird. Sorry for the still lack of updates, still lazy... and school too.

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