September 26th, 2018

The week was tiring. Now that I finally got a taste of high school, when does it end?

I found a JAZ disk in my basement, seemingly unused. It's a whopping 2GB! After hearing how simple it is to get a ZIP disk in the gutter, I'm aching to backup my stuff. I'm going to go over all my computers from the recent years and try saving everything from them and put them on my JAZ disk...if I had a JAZ drive!! I don't have a drive at all and they're over 40 bucks on eBay used. All of them have SCSI connections and I have no SCSI to USB connectors so I'm cornered.

Nintendo Switch Online has released for a few days and I sorta don't like it. I dislike the lack of content we got and how Nintendo is pulling it off. Online play is locked out until you pay, yeah, I get it, that's fine. But when you have cheaters just slurping out the games, it detracts from your userbase and makes people no longer want to pay for your online service. If Nintendo does not make an efficient anticheat mechanism quickly, people are going to stop paying. Yes, I'm talking about the hacks that have been happening on Splatoon 2, which has a GIANT online community. Not making a proper anticheat for one of the biggest multiplayer games on your system will only make your service worse. Obviously, people can and possibly will use the week long trial to their cheating advantages. One bad cheater in a game can leave salty tastes to others. If the word spreads via social media, then that would only worsen the service's image.

Let's also talk about cloud saving. They have done it wrong, sort of. Obviously, you can't backup games which you can easily cheat in, like Pokemon. Simple. But games like Splatoon 2 which save data isn't tied to your account, but saved locally is absurd. Of course, single player data doesn't matter. It's offline only. Single player data could be saved locally, nobody gets their play experience murdered online if that's played with. Multiplayer could easily start getting weird. Since the save data for Splatoon 2 ties BOTH the online and offline data into one, it's easy to change what level you are, how many tickets you got, etc. Even things like your secret ranking power is easily modifiable. You know, the thing you don't even know exists in-game. If you tie it to your account, then you remove almost all ability for hackers to customize data.

NES Multiplayer Online is cool and all, yeah. But it's going to be cool and fun for like a week, then it starts getting boring. I would be more than fine if they added much more consoles. I'll give them a benefit of a doubt and say they're still working on emulators for it. If you think about it, if the only hint of Virtual Console was NES games, then that would be 100% insane. I'm pretty sure they're going to add more consoles, hopefully before the service turns 1 year old.

I rarely ever use the mobile app. Probably to show off all my ranks or total inkage on Twitter, but thats about it. For stages, I can simply use The app has been the same for a year now. But I wonder what other games will do to utilize it.

That's all I want to talk about this service. It's not that good, but there's room for improvement.

I went to a total of THREE Goodwills around the area. Came back with absolutely nothing. It's probably I went after the school day ended, but really got nothing. I guess there was that Happy Meal Odyssey toy. Wiimote Sleeve. What about everybodies favorite... another dang serial cable.

There was an update to Splatoon 2 which added a 'Clout' meter in Splatfests, and it's pretty fun. I just wish they made x10 and x100 battles a tad bit common since I had only 2 during the entire Splatfest. Even though I lost, it was a pretty OK fest. Instead of having the fact that I will almost always win because of backwards popularity, it's on par with Splatoon 1's Splatfest system. I gained a total of 55,000 clout from both Pro and Normal combined. This Shifty Station was actually pretty OK, but the trampolines controlled weird. At first, I was getting confused on how to bounce higher but it's as simple as holding the jump button. Not fun while using dualies, since you'll get sucked into hell literally every second.

I'm a sucker for CIB games, I just bought some Japanese Pokemon games. I expect them early October and they're going to be apart of the CIB family which is growing slowly and slowly. I'm almost filling up my storage cabinent with them. Alot of space is taken up by CDs and DS games, but I don't know where to put the rest of any CIB games if I buy more. Which is probably very soon, knowing me.

Speaking of buying stuff, I recieved some Game Boy batteries that I bought earlier this month. My brother successfully installed it to my Telefang 1 cartridge and it saves fine!

I decided to go over the entire Sam & Max games, and when I started to go over the Telltale games, oddly enough, news outlets started to report Telltale starting to die out and laying off some, if not, all of the team. It really sucks to be there as I heard Telltale didn't give a crap for it's employees as of the now. I hope everyone who used to work there can find another job quick.

Not a LOT has happened. As I said, the goodwills were lacking in anything really and taking pictures of batteries isn't really surprising... is it?

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