September 8th, 2018

Woah, school started! It's much more boring than last year. What did I expect?

I got carried away with my fancy new PC that I built. I delayed this because I needed a way to transfer stuff from my laptop to this new PC. This thing does not have a optical drive and I had no spare USB flash drives, so I used a compact flash cart to transfer the goods. This computer works pretty well. Also, yeah, I had a hand me down GPU. It works much more better than my old one anyways.

I still need to invest in a GPU and probably more RAM. I'm breaking my 8GB shell.

I bought some import games from Japan, they're both Telefang games!! One of them has the attenna they came bundled with and one of them don't which kinda sucks (They're both limited edition since that's all I can find on eBay). They both have their boxes and manual though. Telefang 1 doesn't even have the tray GBC games usually come with, so I'm trying to find a replacement.

My next obsticle is the fact I don't have any backlit portable GBA system. You might be asking to use the Game Boy Player. Well, I have one, but it's just that it isn't portable, is it? Also no, those screen attachments are out of the question. I cooould use my DS for Telefang 2 but the battery on it is dead to the point where you only can play it for 30 minutes before it dies. I would totally go for a GBA SP only if they didn't cost so much. I remember seeing one at a flea market in Mexico, but didn't get it cause I didn't have the cash maybe. The closest I got to an SP here in the states was a headphone adapter for it. Maybe one day we can unite...

I recently looked how much it would be to build one yourself since that's a cool way to make cash now. I took the lowest prices for the motherboard and screen. The speaker and housing are the same between both the AGS-001 and AGS-101 model, so $13.98 is both the speaker and housing. The screens for both models are incompatible with one another, so you can't have an AGS-101 screen on an AGS-001 motherboard and vice versa.

An AGS-001 is the less valuable GBA SP due to the screen being frontlit rather than backlit. So the costs for a screen would be rather low at a price of $29.99. The motherboard is almost close to a screen with $20.00 for one. The total price for a custom AGS-001 would be $63.97.

An AGS-101 is the most valuable one because of it's backlit and vibrant screen, that's why they're so costly. A motherboard would set you back $59.00 and a screen is only $41.95. This all totals up to $114.93. A popular listing on eBay that has been refurbished costs only 4 bucks more, so you'll be saving very little. Then again...

Shipping, taxes, and fees have not been included in this calculation because I already finished calculating things up after I remembered shipping sucks. You probably won't be saving a lot if the items in the GBA SP build happen to have shipping. If they do, then you're better off buying from the refurbished listing. AGS-001, while the screen isn't good, will save you a LOT more.

And that's it with Alan's Math Class.

While STILL on the subject of Game Boy Advance, I actually own a bootleg game. It's a pretty obvious bootleg of Mario Kart: Super Circuit but hey, it worked. I don't really play it due to the fact the cart usually never works. I knew it was a bootleg at the time of purchase, I just thought it would be cool to own a bootleg.


I kinda want more Japanese CIB GBA games cause their boxes are so cute! (That's the last sentence mentioning a GBA).

I recently recieved a Wii from a friend. I formatted it and *maybe* spent some of their leftover Wii Points... >_> It works and I got a pretty sick black theme on it.

This image was taken before I formatted the console.

I got some WiiWare titles on it, but I plan to get some legit games on it sooner. The USB install method gets on my nerves sometimes. The Wii's drive is too new to use DVD-Rs too so that's a bummer. Also, I can boot GameCube homebrew thanks to GCMM and Home Bros. I don't have a 1019+ card, only a 251. So I have only 11 blocks on my memory card because of the exploit.

This took WAY too long to make cause I was attached to this PC so much, I did stuff I couldn't do before. Also, my basement flooded! Not much was ruined but it's done and over with. It's going to be the 3rd anniversary since I started making websites soon!! See you next week! Hopefully. I'll try putting stuff out now.

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