Miitopia Modding

Miitopia was initally released in Japan on December 8th, 2016. The version used for all mods listed here is the Japanese 1.1 release or the USA demo. Obviously, all mods can only be used if the player has Luma3DS or similar CFW installed which supports game patching.

The Basics

Like all 3DS titles, this game can be easily extracted with the Karameru archive tools. Modification tools can span from EveryFileExplorer to Microsoft Excel.

Value Editing

Everything in Miitopia is read off multiple Excel files. I mean everything. When a Mii's relationship increases, an enemy gives off EXP, or you stumble upon a treasure chest on a map, it's always dependant on these Excel documents.


Finding out how maps are parsed and what commands make the thing do the thing. If I ever actually get something down, I'll put a table up here.

If you lose your save data, don't blame me! I had it happen once...

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