Are you tired of standing up to put a few degress on your house? Do you just need a smart thermostat laying around the house? Well, with the Autocon, you can finally never stand up again!

What is it? Why do I need it?

It's one of the new thingies everybody calls smart! You can turn the temperature up and down from your very own smart fridge! You'll need it incase you want to turn the temperature to absolute hell after getting a cold, refreshing drink.

What do I need to provide to use it?

Glad you asked! If you didn't we'd probably get many complaints, but thank God you asked. To get the COMPLETE experience, you will need to provide the following: Provide these few things and you are on your way to getting the golden seat of the neighborhood.

How do I access this from my Smart Fridge? What is with the ads?

To access the thermostat from your very own Smart Fridge, you will need to pay a subscription fee to our very own Autocon Plus service. By subscribing, not only you can set settings from the fridge, you can also use the other benefits the service provides.

The ads are required to pay for our ever dying service, if you can watch 15 seconds of an advert or complete a survey, you can get 0.5 Autocon Points.

Autocon Points Service

The Autocon Points Service is out loyalty program for the lovers of Autocon and the revolution they have done to the industry. For every 15 seconds of an advert or a completed survey, they can recieve Autocon Points to redeem for prizes. On launch, we will have these limited edition, exclusive items for redemption. We will be adding much more as our service expands.

What is the price for the base unit and membership?

The base unit will only cost $60.00 and has an activation fee of $6.25 every month. We require the money to pay for any legal fees we may come across. The membership costs for the new Autocon Plus is as follows...

1 Month Membership: $20/30294.43 Pts.
2.87 Month Membership: $84/86943.78 Pts.
13.4 Month Membership: $392/1130270.14 Pts.

Our service will launch days before the Autocon goes on shelves. Please consider subscribing. You will gain access to these features upon purchase. Please consider using the Autocon as a personal member of your family. We hope you purchase one.

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