David The Chicken

David The Chicken is the latest 3D video game for Sony Playstation which takes the ever evolving genre of 3D platforming to the next level. David the Chicken grows on lush enviorments, developed high-definition characters with new motion capture animations, and a new heartbreaking story. The game was revealed at the annual I8 conference.

I8 Reveal Trailer


David The Chicken starts off after David has married his one and only, Divad. They were excited to have a honeymoon in Hawaii for the rest of the month. David the Chicken was getting some snowcones for their Hourly Snowcone Hour until he came... Davad the Chicken, one of the participants in the marriage, steals Divad from David right before they were getting down to their snowcones!! David cannot forgive what Davad did to Divad, so David sets off to get Divad back!

Across the world, David will face John the Dinosaur, Nhoj the Rental TV Set, and Jhon the Maniac Tourist. Whenever David has defeated them, he will capture their souls into his Snowcone of Life. Once David has finally reached Davad, David is powerless, as he does not own a 9ft. robot to plummet Davad. With the Snowcone of Life and all 3 souls he has trapped, David becomes Mega Ultra Super David and digs Davad his own grave. Once Davad has seen the afterlife, David and Divad head back to their snowcones as the credits roll.


David the Chicken stars David the Chicken jumping from world to world to gather clues to get Divad back from Davad. There are multiple types of levels, such as grass, snow, volcano, water, city, the gift shop, the ballpit, and even the kitchen! There are also multiple ways to play each level! From running around to even sliding down the world's tallest mountain with a stolen sled!

The bosses switch things up. John the Dinosaur faces David the Chicken off in a tree climbing contest. David the Chicken loses everytime they play, because John is much bigger than the trees they're using. So David goes to town and buys seeds for one of the largest trees in the world then plants it on the play area. John the Dinosaur has trouble climbing up the newly grown tree and David the Chicken wins soon after.

Nhoj the Rental TV Set has been left inside a school closet, waiting to be used. His friends have been rented out all the time and he's gathering dust by the window. David the Chicken must help Nhoj to regain his confidance and be one of the best TV sets in the closet. David the Chicken breaks into the local repair shop and steals the top quality TV parts out there. With a bit of surgery and shocking, David the Chicken has successfully made Nhoj one of the most powerful TVs in the closet.

The final miniboss, Jhon, the Maniac Tourist, needs help going through Hawaii. He needs to go to the Festival Hotel located by the shore... when he is deep underground with the Haliregon gang. You must defeat the Haliregon gang all on your own, including the leader. You could've unleashed the Snowcone of Life, however, the Snowcone of Life refuses to work because you need one more soul... That soul is very close by. Once the Haliregon gang has fallen, you help Jhon go above the surface and into his hotel room. Then, he remembers that he was supposed to go to Russia and not Hawaii.

Review Scores

The game has driven Nintendo to their shame corner. IGN and CNET agree that the game has totally ruined the market and destroyed any future for the genre. This may sound very bad, but they actually mean the game has totally ruined any opportunity of any future game taking place of number 1 3D platforming game ever!

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