The newest, simpliest console is in town! The Egregiousoshi! Are you tired of confusing gimmicks, wires all over the place, and just complicated stuff in general!? Never fear! You have the new and improved...


The newest video game entertainment system by Soshi Games!!

What's so different about it?

We decided that enough was enough. People should need something more simpler than cables everywhere. That's why we created the Egregiousoshi!

Aren't you tired of having all these cables behind your system? The video out cables AND power cable are inserted to a big box which is connected directly to your Control Deck! Once hooked up, you can hide the brick power box so it won't look as messy on the outside!

We also stuck the Cartridge Slot to the controller so you can easily switch the games quick and fast! Now you can play games as big as 4 kilobytes on your system! Now you can play your diverse, big, huge, wild adventures quick and easy!

Speaking of controllers, your super responsive Egregioucontroller is designed for everyone! Controllers with too many buttons can really throw you out of the league, so to make everybody and their grandmas use it sufficiently, we decided to make it only 2 buttons! The Egregioucontroller is hardwired to the console itself, so you can't lose it and need to dig through a bunch of stuff for it! Also, to get you really close to the action, the Egregioucontroller's cable is only 4 inches long. So close to the TV! Now you can even see your beautiful colors on the screen!

Speaking of video, we said "Graphics aren't EVERYTHING." so we stuck in a 16-color limit! To ensure compatability with all TVs in the world, the system only outputs in 280p composite video. Now everybody can be even! Wait.. what? HDMI? I haven't heard of that before. Nah, whatever! It's just a gimmick anyways!

Multiplayer can be achieved if you buy a seperate controller. They use super fast and reliable IR communication, for wireless play! Bad thing about it is that they might not be close to the TV! ..john who cares about bluetooth it's all about IR man.

Now I know what you're thinking. How much is it??? Well, it's a very best, very good, very special price of $20000!!
john, i don't care about 200... wait the price is 200?
$200.00!! Now, THAT is what I call a super egregiousoshi deal!! What do the critics have to say about it?

Reviews from CNET

CNET's review is all you need. They know what's up with the system!

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