Katamari Damacy Reroll Modding

Katamari Damacy Reroll was released on Nintendo Switch and PC on December 7th, 2018. The game runs on Unity, therefore making it easy to mod with external tools. All mods are possible on the PC version of the game, however, running mods on Switch require the use of unofficial modifications to the system which will not be covered on this page.

The Basics

Since this is a Unity game, mostly everything is in common archives inside the katamari_Data folder. To explore the files inside these archives is to use AssetStudio, and to mod them is using UnityEX.

Texture Editing

The least risky hack you can do is editing textures. At worst, the model might not look like what you wanted. You can extract the file using AssetStudio, edit it in a photo editor, export it as a DDS file, and slap it back in using UnityEX.

Model Swapping

Riskier than texture editing as the model might not have what the game wants and softlock. This does not go for every model, but just a warning.

A texture and model swap in action!

File Table

File Name Range (##) Comment
B##_x 01-23 BGM files.
OUJI## 01-24 Cousin files used in gameplay. Does not affect menus.
CORE_## 01-29 Katamari models. 01-10 is for the Make A Star missions. 11-28 is for constellations. 29 is the ending.
MISSION - - - Collision files? These do not change the starting size or time. Any connection with the M_##_X files?
M_##_X 00-35 Possibly item placement. Swapping these lock the game during loading.
ST## 1-3, end, tu, vs Map files. 1 = House, 2 = Town, 3 = Islands. End is the ending, Tu is the tutorial stage, Vs is the versus map. Replacing these maps lock the game during loading.
gamedebug - - - File has text strings relating to stuff like unlocking all cousins and adding sizes to your Katamari. Dunno how to make it appear.
ui_## hud, hud_vs, pause, ending UI graphics. Should be self explanatory.


Cousin Swapping - RESEARCHING
You can play as a cousin of your choice using this mod, however, there are some limitations on how far you can play. I'm trying to find what is different from OUJI01 compared to the other files.
UI Editing
UI_HUD presents us with Ef_Textures, which is all the textures for the combos that appear with your cousin. Some textures are displayed with major transparency, which may make it harder to view during gameplay. There are also other textures which exist within UI_HUD, but do not load in game.

If you lose your save data, don't blame me! I haven't had it happen yet.

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