Mario x Minions: Burger King Chaos

Mario x Minions: Burger King Chaos is the first game to be rated M in the entire Mario series. The game is a sequel to Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The game is planned to release in Summer of 2019. During E3 2018, Nintendo was releasing details about the upcoming Mario crossover game, Reggie said that the game would not include the rabbids this time but instead the Minions. Later during E3 2019, Mario x Minions: Burger King Chaos was revealed. The game was very similar to Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, this time the hero selection has been expanded and more weapons and tactis were added. Along with online play and a few brand new gamemodes.

Miyamoto also said during a conference at E3 that Minions were chosen because Nintendo needed a better idea and rabbids wouldn't work because they couldn't think of a new storyline. Nintendo then went to Illumination and asked if they wanted their mascot, the minions, in the upcoming Mario game.

At the same conference, Miyamoto was asked why the game is focused on Burger King, Miyamoto said that Burger King wanted to be in the game to promote their brand new Huge Whopper Deluxe, Burger King said that they'd give Nintendo a huge amount of money if they were in the game and Nintendo accepted the deal.


  • Prolouge: Mystery Hills
  • World 1: Craft Draft Valley
  • World 2: Horseshoe Colosseum
  • World 3: Burger Flat Reality
  • World 4: Iceberg Kingdom
  • World 5: Opposite Realities
  • World 6: Lava Gravestone Park
  • World 7: Bowser's Minion Castle
  • World 8: Bowser x Minions: Carnival
  • Gameplay

    The gameplay is very similar to Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Mario and his team have guns which can be used to take down enemies in turn based RPG styled battles. This time, the player can cook at the Peach's Burger King Castle and give orders to customers, this can give you extra coins, extra xp, and extra skill sets.

    This time, players can now level up characters. The max level is set to 125. Everytime you beat a battle, you can gain XP depending on how good you did. Battles have also been changed, instead of having a huge arena placed in certain locations, enemies will walk around and if a player touches that enemy, the player will be transported to an arena with the enemies. This helps make battles more frequent.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Peach
  • Minion Mario
  • Minion Luigi
  • Minion Yoshi
  • Minion Peach
  • Margo
  • Edith
  • Agnes
  • Gru
  • Unlockable Characters

  • Gold Mario
  • Gold Gru
  • Donkey Kong
  • Kevin
  • Bob
  • Dave
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Minion Wario
  • Minion Waluigi
  • Trivia

  • The unlockable characters can only be unlocked after the game is completed.
  • Two DLCs can be purchased on the eShop, one gives extra items and weapons while the other gives out a brand new story mode along with new worlds.
  • Online play is now in the game, players can go to Gru's Transporter Machine and choose "Online Play," this will put the player with another player in an arena. The players choose their characters and weapons and then battle each other. There are 3 battle rounds in total for Online Play.
  • A code for extra weapons is included in physical copies but the code was only availible for a limited time.

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