Mario Has A BBQ

Mario Has A BBQ is the succesor to Mario Goes To IKEA and the other games in the beloved series. This time, Mario decides to have a BBQ party. Nintendo knew what the next game should be about so they didn't need help this time. The game has the same gameplay as the other games, but this time the player can play mini games after completing levels, kind of like Mario Party. However, a deal was made between NERF and Nintendo for the game, Mario will now get a NERF Super Soaker instead of a shotgun.


The gameplay is the same as the other games in the series, but all guns have been replaced with NERF guns, but they have been modified by Toadette to shoot real bullets! The game also has Mario flipping burgers and cooking hotdogs and there are fun minigames styled like Mario Party's minigames! Like the IKEA game, the player can customize Mario's house and backyard, the player can also invite their friends to their BBQ party!


Mario decides to have a BBQ party, but Mario realizes he has no coal for his grill! Everyone comes to the party, but people are getting angry because there's no food! Mario grabs his NERF Super Soaker to find coal for his grill to make his party guests happy. During parts, Mario will face hard decisions. Mario then reaches a cave filled with coal, but then Funky Kong appears and tells Mario that he can't have his coal, an epic battle begins between the two for the fight of coal! After beating the game, the player can play as a different character and each character has a different backstory.


The game was praised, IGN and Gamespot gave the game a 08213908712390712390817290812731098273180792312908731293801237981298307/10, "Best. Game. Ever." -IGN and Gamespot.

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