Mario Goes To McDonalds

Mario Goes To McDonalds is the prequel to Mario Goes To The Fridge To Get A Glass Of Milk and Mario Does His Taxes, the game is rated M, the third time in the series. Miyamoto said that the series was doing so well that fans deserved a 3rd game, but this time, the game tells the sad backstory of Mario and his beloved fridge, the one that has milk. Reggie said at E3 2020, that the game needed a new fresh idea, this time they asked McDonalds for help with the game because they thought Ronald McDonald could help with the storyline. The game includes the same gameplay as last time but more content.


Mario Goes To McDonalds has a sad and dynamic storyline. The game starts out with Mario sitting under a tree when he gets hungry, Mario later gets in his car and drives. A few hours past and its night time, Mario is starving and wants to eat something fast, Mario finds a close McDonalds and he goes there. Mario goes into the McDonalds and asks for a Happy Meal with a boy's toy. The cashier says that there are no boy toys and only girl toys, Mario gets angry and grabs out a shotgun, he shoots the cashier and all the other employees and starts raiding the McDonalds out of it's food, then Ronald McDonald comes out and tells Mario to FREEZE. Mario drops his shotgun and gets scared. Ronald McDonald then says that McDonalds is starting to run out of money and him and Mario must kill the CEO of McDonalds because they're making poor decisions with their money. Ronald was kicked out because he was not good enough to be the company's mascot any longer. Mario and Ronald team up to take down McDonalds CEO while also taking over the entire world.

When Mario and Ronald reach the final level, they're greeted by the CEO of McDonalds, Bowser. Bowser has taken over the entire CEO and has been draining the money left in the company. Mario and Ronald then take Bowser down, after taking McDonalds back, Mario and Ronald head their seperate ways, on the way home; Mario goes to the store and buys milk and a fidget spinner. He heads home and goes to sleep.


Mario Goes To McDonalds has the same gameplay as the last two games. Mario can shoot creatures and have dating simulations. In the game Mario and Ronald have a moment with each other in a hotel room. This time, 2 players can work together, one playing as Mario and the other playing as Ronald. After beating the game, other characters can be unlocked. The characters are the same as Mario Does His Taxes.


The game was praised for its sad and amazing storyline. IGN and Gamespot gave the game a 2103712036712398761240/10. "This series is one of the best game series I've ever seen in my entire life, I don't know what Nintendo will do next with this fantastic series!" -IGN and Gamespot

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