The guide to Odyssey Speedrunning!

Note: If you are looking to actually speedrun Super Mario Odyssey, then this guide isn't for you. Good luck if you do speedrun the game!

It's better to record your runs using an external recording device like an Elgato rather than the Switch video capture feature.

What is this and when do I start?

A speedrun thing I made up. You run around New Donk City for the longest time possible starting from the first thing you do and ending when you lose all momentum. You can start once you defeat the main boss of the kingdom and are able to freely move around the city. Once you have figured out your route, you are able to start running.

What is allowed?

Using Cappy to bounce, capture legal objects, and hit.
Ground Pound Jumps
Swinging and Wall Jumping

What isn't allowed?

Getting on the Motor Scooter or capturing enemies that are not allowed.
Collecting a Power Moon you didn't get.
Entering an area.
Anything that fully stops your momentum such as Ground Pounds.
Initiating a conversation with people.
Falling down a great height and getting stunned from the height.
Taking too long on performing an action in the middle of a run.
Doing the same thing over and over. (Ex.: Dive after dive to reach another area. Using poles repeatedly is allowed.)
Grabbing a Life-Up Heart. (This is an exception if you already have hit the 6HP limit.)
Opening menus like the Pause or Map screen.
Diving or hitting yourself right onto a wall.


You can only capture poles or electricity poles. You can cannot capture manholes, taxis, letters, or people. More might be added to either side if there is a possible increase of time using more captures.

Current Route

You start near the people dining near the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park and capture the pole nearby. You throw yourself to the poles leading to the Odyssey until you bounce off the Broken Taxi and capture the pole very close by. You throw yourself closer to Crazy Cap and capture the pole that is west of Crazy Cap and throw yourself closer to the Cafe. You throw yourself towards the area before the Broken Taxi and capture the pole next to the first pole you captured leading to the Broken Taxi. You redo the first few steps until you go to the pole in the middle of the Cafe and New Donk City Concert Hall. Once you reach that pole, you throw yourself to the pole that is the closest to the Construction Area and reach to the starting pole.

Possible Future Route

Here are some videos I quickly made to show the new route procedures.

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