Other Stuff

Things that'll make you ask "Why?" and I'll respond with "Why not?"


Using Karameru along with spamming replace files, I managed to make this abomonation. I couldn't edit more than overworld models as I couldn't bother trying to find the cutscene models. There were 1,200+ estimated overworld models and I am not going through all of them.

I changed Bruff to an alternative color for Roughraff. This part of the mod might've backfired as the player cannot participate in battles. The battle will go on but the player will not be able to see anything past the loading screen. The game will continue normally if the battle is offline. If the battle is an online battle, the game will softlock and disconnecting from the network won't help.

I changed Whisper to Nate, the result was kinda lame.

Though if you wanted a flying Nate, now's your chance.

Finally, here is the NyaKB minigame with Roughgraff. I can't remember what NyaKB's localized name was. There isn't any music to avoid getting a copyright strike.

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