David the Chicken

David The Chicken is the latest 3D video game for Sony PlayStation which takes the evolving genre of 3D platforming to the next level. David the Chicken showcases the powerful PlayStation hardware with high quality environments, high-definition character models with thousands of animations, and a heartbreaking story. The game was revealed at the annual I7 conference.

Reveal Trailer


David The Chicken starts off after David has married his one and only, Divad. They were excited to have a honeymoon in Hawaii for the rest of the month. David the Chicken was getting some snowcones for their Hourly Snowcone Hour until he came... Davad the Chicken, one of the participants in the marriage, steals Divad from David right before they were getting down to their snowcones! David cannot forgive what Davad did to Divad, so David sets off to get Divad back and destroy Davad!

Across the world, David will face John the Dinosaur, Nhoj the Rental TV Set, and Jhon the Maniac Tourist. Whenever David has defeated them, he will capture their souls into his Snowcone of Life. Once David has finally reached Davad, David is powerless, as he does not own a 9ft. robot to plummet Davad. With the Snowcone of Life and all 3 souls he has trapped, David becomes Mega Ultra Super David and crushes Davad into his own grave. Once Davad has seen the afterlife, David and Divad head back to their snowcones as the credits roll.


David the Chicken stars David the Chicken jumping from world to world to gather clues to get Divad back from Davad. There are multiple types of levels, such as grass, snow, volcano, water, city, the gift shop, the ballpit, and Hell! David can't just run and jump through each level, he might need a paraglider, a stolen sled, or even his own parents.

John the Dinosaur, the first boss you encounter, doesn't have any arms to brag about. He challenges David in a tree climbing contest. David is unable to win, as John the Dinosaur is way bigger than the tree they're climbing. David will have to go to town and buy a seed from the store to replace the tree they were climbing. After 3 hours, the new tree will have grown to maximum size and the competition will commence. John the Dinosaur doesn't have good jumping abilities, causing him to fail the competition. John gives up his soul.

Nhoj the Rental TV Set has been left inside the school's storage room with his other rental TV set friends. His friends keep getting rented out, however, Nhoj is the only one not to be rented out in over 5 years. David the Chicken must help Nhoj regain his confidence and be the best TV sets out there. David breaks into a local Sony repair center and steals the highest quality parts there. They now have parts to upgrade to Nhoj, but they need experience to install them. After an exam, David earns a degree in electronics and telecommunications and is able to upgrade Nhoj. In only an hour, David has upgraded Nhoj to a powerful Sony Trinitron TV set avaliable at your local retailer. Nhoj gives you his soul as thanks for upgrading him.

Davad is steaming after he finds out you have gone through his henchmen, so he brings out Jhon the Maniac Tourist. Jhon seems sketchy, but David goes to talk to him. Jhon needs help going to the Festival Hotel located by the shore. That is your hotel! You lead him to the hotel when the Jnathon gang gets involved. It turns out that Jhon had didn't pay them back their $5 from 30 years ago. You protect Jhon and try taking them all out. After a while, you're all beat up. The gang's leader comes up to you and he doesn't seem happy that you wiped out his team he took so long to make. He thanks you for taking out his gang that he tried to ruin. He lets you go after you promise not to tell anyone what happened and that the bodies will be disposed of. Jhon gives you his soul as long as you don't interact with him after what had happened.