The Tape

The title alone raises an eyebrow, no?

I accidently made a miscount and I only had one tape with Splatoon footage. Tape has S P L A T O O N : ) written on the side with very terrible handwriting. It also has Splatoon Matches + Gameplay DO NOT REMOVE WRITE TAB! on the top.

All user sensitive parts (showing off NNIDs, passwords, stuff like that...) were cut from the render. Here are a few notes I decide to lay on this.

The tape was starting to show some damage during recording. Some parts were staticy and cut off. I also had to record the thing into two parts and combine into one because my capture device did not pick up the signal change. There was also a Miiverse login which I cut off cause more NNIDs and stuff. I also explored my friends list which, yet again, more NNIDs. I join a private battle during Splatfest (PKMN Red Vs. PKMN Blue) but I ended up getting disconnected. (This was shortened.) There's a few splatfest battles after that. Which leads to the end of the tape.

Other than the fact it's a VHS, the quality really degraded after 2-3 years. You can blame the fact on how cheaper the material for the actual tape is getting. The more time passes, the worse the quality of new tapes get, which means they last even shorter. It adds to the fact why tapes from the 90s usually last longer than tapes from today. I have footage from that Mario 64 tape I was talking about. Look how colorful it is!

What a shame.

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