September 18th, 2020
The month late update!

I was gone for a month because I had to go to Mexico agaaain!! Guess who's laptop hard drive finally died!! Guess who needs to clean out their main PCs hard drive...

New index graphics. I lost the file for the old logo so I had to waste an hour trying to remake it. That was fun.

A new blog post!! I was gone for quite some time so not too much is on it.

The art section has a new model on it! I forgot a lot about Blender and I'm still on 2.79. I need to learn 2.8's UI.

Other Games update with a Cool Cool Toon score.

I apparently named the blog post from last month "Janurary 27th, 2019" which was odd. Pretty sorry for that blog post, it was rushed and all over the place!