Katamari Damacy

A page full of records and videos of my rolling adventures!

Katamari Damacy

Maximum Diameter: 866m71cm6mm
Ending Stage: 190

We Love Katamari

Maximum Diameter: 3633m62cm7mm

As Large As Possible 132cm0mm (9:23)
As Fast As Possible 10:51
As Large As Possible 21m9cm5mm (9:23)
As Fast As Possible 20:45
As Large As Possible 35m59cm8mm (5:09)
As Fast As Possible 30:53
As Large As Possible 430m6cm5mm (9:23)
As Fast As Possible 40:40
As Large As Possible 53632m31cm0mm (9:23)
As Fast As Possible 59:08
Sun7074 Stars
50 Items5m70cm0mm
Candy House32cm0mm (0:42)
Candy Puzzle0:51
Fire Small3m43cm6mm (5:51)
Fire Medium4m99cm7mm (5:50)
Fire Large7m72cm7mm (5:59)
Flowers1m96cm6mm (1234/1234)
Flowers As Fast0:56
Origami Cranes95cm7mm (1000/1000)
Racetrack As Large3m16cm6mm (2:27)
Racetrack As Fast0:54
Room Cleanup0:54
Save the Earth195
Saturn Small20cm0mm
Saturn Medium2m0cm0mm
Saturn Large50m0cm
School As Large4m1cm9mm (2:09)
School As Fast1:22
Sumo Small315kg
Sumo Medium347kg
Sumo Large554kg
Underwater As Large2m8cm9mm (2:23)
Underwater As Fast0:53
Zoo Friends As Large10m32cm8mm (297/300)
Zoo Friends As Fast0:48

Me and My Katamari

Please excuse the quality, I couldn't find my component output cable.
Jackpot Island: $85,289.10
Immortal Island: 11,956 Years
Cosmic Island: 3615m 75cm 6mm 100Pts.

Katamari Forever

Wake Up The King!
Normal: 1,755,157km121m55cm7mm 100 Pts.
Eternal: 1,758,825km388m39cm7mm 100 Pts.

The King's Dreams
Normal: 502 Dreams
Eternal: 806 Dreams

Ending Minigame 1
69,385 Pts.

Katamari Damacy Reroll

Demo Stage 1
Size | Meteor
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