A pretty short but worthwhile game. I play the Japanese version cause I wanted to play it as quickly as I can.

The Team

All numbers are totals.

Name HP MP Atk Magic Def Spd
Alan 325 94 380 87 353 26
Tom 241 98 366 33 314 136
Abe 261 152 330 110 362 77
Inkling 242 192 291 407 242 129
Matt 219 180 278 361 244 125
Marie 312 123 256 117 92 82
Callie 145 126 274 158 154 49
Chorus 295 81 363 33 324 69
Pipimi 121 60 256 272 238 26
Link 255 100 270 99 316 130


Miitopia uses Excel files for most information in the game. This includes enemy data, map and level layouts, friendship values, food values, and possibly more. There is a possibility we can pretty much make Miitopia 2 somehow. To start modding, you will need a way to load RomFS modifications and a way to modify SARC archives.

Enemy Info Editing

The enemy data contains HP, model info, face placement, and item drops. We can make the enemy drop 99,999 EXP if we wanted, look like another enemy, or flat out just not exist.

In this photo, I modified the Rock Moth values to have zero HP. Because the enemy does not have any HP to... be alive. The moth simply does not battle and starting the battle will automatically make you win. Even though you technically "won" the battle, you don't win any EXP.

Relationship Info Editing

Relationships increase by value. If a Mii helps one out, talks to one, even fights with one, it always depends on these values. It's possible to make nightly meetings in the Inn raise the relationship meter by 99,999 instead of 1, which will max out the relationship in only 5 minutes.

Once I get a good way to capture footage, like NTR CFW, I will capture footage of file swapping and such.

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