I speedrun and TAS most of the time.

Game Comment Video
Super Mario Odyssey Aha! This isn't your "time-saving" speedrun! This is a "time-gaining" speedrun! Literally speeding and running! Read the rules here!
Super Galdelic Hour Ended with 49:46.83. One of the first speedruns of this game which is actually nothing to be proud of. Ran on a PS2 with a HDD installed. I used lose-abusing to get past the more time consuming games to finish the speedrun. Doing this saved me 12 minutes from the previous run. This run was captured on an old capture card from 2000, so the quality isn't that good and the thing was starting to die so one of the audio channels simply didn't record anything. Read more here.
Jung Rhythm The worst rhythm game I played. TASed. It's not finished. I'm aiming to 100% every single stage on the game, which is getting 100 on all the score counters at the end of each level.
Sam & Max: The Gilbert Case A poorly translated Sam & Max fangame from the early 2000s. This demo is super difficult, as it requires frame perfect inputs, RNG manipulation at every frame, and glitches which can cause the game to freeze for a few seconds. I do not recommend speedrunning this game as it requires expert gameplay.
Sam & Max: The Gilbert Case 100% A poorly translated Sam & Max fangame from the early 2000s. The 100% category is brutal, there's always something you missed out cause there is so much going on. Even if you ruled the Any% category, the 100% category demands more from you. I almost passed out from constant practice.
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