Let's ink it up!


Splatoon 1

The first one in the series and I spent most of 2015 and 2016 playing.

My Wii U is in storage at the moment and I'm unable to capture any photos from it.

Splatoon 2

The first one but now it disconnects more.

Primary Set

I Lost 3 Games in a Row Set

Desperate Set

Ranking (7/12/2020)


If a Splatfest is not listed, I was unable to vote.

Splatoon 1

Marshmallows Hot Dogs
Autobots Decepticons
Art Science
Cars Planes
Pirates Ninjas
Burgers Pizza
Naughty Nice
Past Future
Pokemon Red Pokemon Blue
Snowman Sandcastle
Spongebob Patrick
Fancy Party Costume Party
Early Bird Night Owl
Callie Marie

Splatoon 2

Pearl Marina Clout Pro
Cake Ice Cream Queen
Pop Rock Queen
Flight Queen Invisibility
Vampire Werewolf Queen
Sci-Fi Champion Fantasy
Sweater Champion Socks
Action Champion Comedy
Money Fiend Love
Chicken Champion Egg
Baseball Soccer Defender
Raph Leo Queen
Mikey Donnie Queen
Raph Donnie Queen
Pulp No Pulp Queen
Inklings Octo Queen
Fork Queen Spoon
Retro Queen Modern 5416 50490
Trick Treat Queen 54090
Sauce Guac Defender 27910
Family Friend Queen 55126 33180
Pancake Queen Waffles 57714 1000
Knight Wizard Queen 6582 9620
Hare Tortoise Queen 11272 94780
Time Travel Teleportation Fiend 1960
Unicorn Narwhal Queen 51310
Chaos Order 35690


If you wanna see some pretty terrible gameplay of Splatoon 2, heres your chance!

Splatoon 2 Montage
Quick Walk and a Dunk! (S2)
Quick Swim to Victory! (S2)
Tower Control is bad. (S2)
Splat Zones 1 (S2)

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