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8/15/2019: Added the new birthday blog post. Weekend will have some things too.
8/9/2019: I'm not dead! Mexico was lame! New blog post. Next week should spice things up a bit...
6/19/2019: I should remember things! New blog post, new 3D model, updated the Splatoon page, thinking about if I should update the sites layout. I'm not dead, I just need to start making stuff again.
5/26/2019: New blog post! Now that it's summer, I should have enough time to make things!
5/19/2019: Was kinda unhappy with the latest art piece so I just remade it again.
5/18/2019: Let's get this show on the road! A lil art update using that one character I just made. Finals are in a few days, a blog post might come out after I'm done. I'll push something out before finals are done.
4/22/2019: New blog post, tiny art piece, and Splatoon update. This is just a notice I'm not dead yet and a giant apology for putting stuff off.
4/3/2019: Made KDR Modding into a general Modding section for other games. Aside from Katamari, there's also a section for Miitopia and a little page for some mods which don't make sense there. New blog post and a new banner.
3/18/2019: New art pieces, MK8DX times in Other Games, Splatoon update, and a new banner. I'm trying to tune some stuff with a new Soshi article.
3/8/2019: New blog post and 2 new art piece! Currently cooking up some more stuff.
2/16/2019: One year on neocities! New blog post, Katamari score update with scores on Reroll, new banners, new art, and updated the links page.
2/5/2019: New blog post. There WOULD'VE been a KDReroll score update but the game crashes on startup so uh...
1/20/2019: Splatoon and Miitopia page has been remade, Katamari Damacy Reroll Modding avaliable in Projects, a joke speedrun, and new banners.
1/6/2019: New Soshi article! Some banners are in production right now.

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